Recipes from the Sea Buckthorn

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) - a small tree or large shrub 4-5 m tall, with sharp prickles family suckers, sea buckthorn kind.

plant is dioecious, unisexual flowers, male flowers silvery-brownish, women's - yellow.Fruit - orange or almost red drupe.As a wild sea buckthorn fruit plant known since ancient times.Even in the XVIII century it was widespread in Eastern Siberia.Sea buckthorn grows in the Caucasus, Pamir, Tien Shan, in Jungar Alatau, Altai, Sayan, Transbaikalia mountains, as well as in Moldova and the south-western regions of Ukraine, in the Baltic, successfully cultivated in all areas of Black Earth.In mature

buckthorn fruits contain up to 85% water, depending on the grade of 2.24 to 12.64 sugars, mainly glucose and fructose, and 3% organic acids (tartaric and malic), tannin and pectin.

Fruits rich in vitamins: up to 300 mg% vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin P (rutin and kvartsetin) up to 700 mg% of vitamin A or carotene from 3 to 20 mg% of vitamin E and 14 mg%.More higher concent

ration of vitamins in the seeds.

From fruit extract up to 12% fatty oil, rich in various vitamins and up to 250 mg% of carotenoids, up to 165 mg% of vitamin E, vitamin the F, regulates the skin's metabolism.The fruit has more than 10 micronutrient iron, magnesium, manganese, boron, sulfur, aluminum, titanium, etc.

As ripening oil content, carotene, vitamin E in these increases, and vitamins C and E gradually decreases...

Ways to use

Fruits of sea buckthorn from ancient times used in Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian medicine.

widely applied buckthorn in Russian folk medicine to reduce and eliminate the pain associated with inflammatory processes, for rapid wound healing, epithelialization accelerate tissue.The people use the fruit and the juice from them, water infusion, alcohol tinctures, syrup.Assign inside for beriberi, ulcerous diseases of the esophagus, stomach.

therapeutic effect of sea buckthorn oil is determined it contains biologically active substances: it contains carotene and carotenoids (110 mg%), vitamin E (110 mg%) and P, which regulates the metabolism of the skin, vitamins A, C, K, P, group B, glycerides of oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids, phospholipids, trace elements cobalt, nickel, manganese, copper, silver, vanadium, iron, silicon and others. Sea buckthorn oil has bactericidal properties, promotes epithelialization of tissues, good healing wounds, trophicand radiation ulcers, lesions of the mucous membranes and skin, and soothes the pain.It is used topically and internally for the treatment of burns, eczema, bedsores, erosions, diabetes, cancer, radiation sickness, blood diseases, keratitis, senile cataracts, hair loss.Read more about the beneficial properties of sea buckthorn, see here.

Fruits of sea-buckthorn berries with a high sugar content eat fresh.For long-term storage can be frozen, stored with their color and aroma, as well as all the nutrients.

From sea buckthorn berries is prepared juice, syrup, one can prepare a raw jam on the type of black currant (2 kg of sugar per 1 kg of berries).Of these, boil jam, jam, jam, jelly, filling for chocolates, candy, candy, as well as prepare wine, liqueurs and cordials.

In old Russia buckthorn delivered to the royal table: frosted with whipped cream or a fruit liqueurs, tinctures.We offer a try to cook not only medical, but also very tasty vitamin cocktail, helps with pain in the stomach (gastritis): 0.5 liters of milk, 2 eggs, half a cup of sea buckthorn juice and 4 tablespoons of honey mixed in a blender.

Hollywood star Barbra Streisand from buckthorn berries prepares cream that helps her to always be in shape.Pureed berries of sea buckthorn mixed with a solution of warm gelatin and one cup of cream.One tablespoon of the resulting jelly gives a burst of energy and improves mood.

And after a bath is very good for a drink prepared from an ancient recipe.5 mint leaves, 5 leaves of lemon balm, and a handful of sea buckthorn leaves pour a glass of boiling water, cover tightly and hold in heat twenty minutes, and then add 3-4 tablespoons of hot water and honey to your taste.You can add sea buckthorn juice, but only as a last resort.

Use in cooking

Sea buckthorn jelly

buckthorn in volume in proportion to take sugar 1: 1.

Squeeze the juice from the berries.Stir in the juice of berries sugar.

Pour into banks, cover with parchment or tracing paper and tie.Keep refrigerated.

EXAMPLE h e n g. Can be stored at room temperature, if banks roll.

Seabuckthorn until spring retains all the vitamins.

Because sea buckthorn is possible to prepare a delicious sauce and compote with zucchini.

sea buckthorn juice

squeeze juice from the berries, pour into sterile bottles, stoppered and stored in the refrigerator.

useful to drink in the morning, adding sugar to taste, especially when vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue, hypotension.

Stewed zucchini and sea buckthorn

150-200 grams of sugar per three-liter jar.

Clear squash, remove the seeds, cut into rings or slices.Buckthorn berries pour over boiling water, allow to drain water.Fill in less than a quarter of a sterile jar of sea-buckthorn berries on top lay no more than two layers of zucchini.Pour boiling syrup prepared from 1.5 liters of water and sugar.Cover the lid.When cool, drain the syrup and boil again, again pour it into jars, roll up.Store at room temperature.Courgettes become not quite, but still the taste of pineapple.

Tea of ​​sea-buckthorn:

1. buckthorn leaves, cherry, blackcurrant, grass zveroboya- 1: 1: 1: 1.The dry mixture to brew and drink as tea.

Healing properties: vitamin drink.

2. The leaves of sea buckthorn, strawberries, mountain ash, willow -1: 1: 1: 1.The dry mixture to brew and drink as tea.

Medicinal properties: the same.

3. The leaves of sea buckthorn, apples, plums, cherries, rose in all proportions.The dry mixture to brew and drink as tea.

Healing properties: tonic drink.

4. Leaves and pressed sea buckthorn fruits (preferably with the addition of other chaenapitochnyh plants) to make and drink as tea.

Medicinal properties: the same.

buckthorn syrup

buckthorn juice - 1 liter;sugar - 1 kg.

sea buckthorn juice heated to 75 ° C, add the sugar portions, stirring all the time.Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the syrup is ready to bottle, cork stoppers and pour boiled them with paraffin.

Nectar from sea-buckthorn

buckthorn juice - 1 liter;Sugar - 1.3-1.5 kg.

buckthorn berries wash, chop in a blender until smooth, rub through a sieve to separate the seeds.The resulting juice with pulp mixed with sugar and put in jars.Roll up and store in a cool place.

tea from the leaves of sea buckthorn.Leaves dry in a ventilated area, mixed with leaves currants, cherries, and St. John's wort in equal parts and used for brewing as a tea.You can also use the leaves of strawberries and rowan.

Sea buckthorn, mashed with sugar

buckthorn berries - 1 kg;sugar - 800 g of sea buckthorn berries

wash, rub through a sieve.Mix with sugar, heat up to 70 ° C and filled into sterilized jars.Cover with lid, sterilized 20-30 minutes, roll.

Jam Buckthorn

Seabuckthorn - 1 kg;sugar - 800

buckthorn berries are cleaned, rinsed, pour into a bowl (preferably of heat-resistant glass), pour a little water and cook until tender.Then gradually add the sugar and continue to cook until completely thickened.Hot pour the jam into sterilized jars, roll up.

buckthorn jam with walnuts

buckthorn berries - 1kg;walnut kernels - 2 cups;sugar - 1.5 kg;water - 400 g

Boil sugar syrup.Kernels grind in a meat grinder and boiled in sugar syrup for 20-25 minutes.Buckthorn berries wash, add to the nuts in syrup and cook for another 20 minutes.Ready to put the jam into clean jars, close lid or parchment paper.

buckthorn jelly

buckthorn juice - 1 liter;0.5 kg sugar.

sea buckthorn juice with pulp to warm over low heat, add sugar and cook, increasing the fire.The finished jelly pour hot into jars, cooled at room temperature and close.

Sea buckthorn puree

Seabuckthorn - 1 kg;sugar - 1 kg;water - 200 g

Ripe berries of sea-buckthorn wash and blanch.Writing to drain the water, rub through a sieve, add sugar and cook over low heat until it dissolves.The hot put in jars, pasteurized and close.

Sea Buckthorn Oil Sea Buckthorn Oil

can cook yourself.As a base used in this case, olive, sunflower or corn oil, although other vegetable oils can not use.

Here are a few recipes for obtaining sea buckthorn oil in the home.

Preparation of pure sea buckthorn oil with fresh fruit

Fresh fruits of sea buckthorn or mash with a wooden spoon tolkushkoy in an enamel pot and put the lid to languish in the oven for 2 days.The temperature in the oven to maintain below 60 ° C.

Upon expiration of dishes with sea buckthorn and carefully remove the top to collect the resulting oil.This is a 100% pure sea buckthorn oil - a very valuable product.

If buckthorn big and juicy, you can use the following method.

Fruits rinsed in boiled water, give water to drain and skip the fruit through a juicer.Juice pour into an enamel or glass container and put in a dark place for 2 days.Then, the resulting top oil carefully picked.

Pulp dry, grind in a coffee grinder, pour refined vegetable oil, mix thoroughly and insist.

1 kg of sea buckthorn fruit can be obtained on average 50-70 ml of 100% pure sea buckthorn oil, and about 100 ml of oil with lower percentages.

preparation of sea buckthorn oil from the pulp of fruits

Jaume sea buckthorn berries (for example, after juicing), rinse with water to release from the organic acids that lower oil storage stability.Then dry in a dark place at a temperature no higher than 60 ° C, and to grind.Thus prepared raw pour refined sunflower oil, heated to 60 ° C, stir well with a wooden spatula or spoon made of stainless steel (to prevent oxidation) and to insist 1-2 days, stirring occasionally.Extraction should be carried out in enamel, porcelain, earthenware or glass container with a lid.

Upon expiration of the infusion of oil pour into another container with a new portion of dry-ground pulp and keep pushing.This operation was repeated 2-3 times, which increases the concentration of active compound in the oil.

to all fractions obtained by infusion, add the butter, formed by settling of juice, stir and strain through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.The finished oil is drained into a bottle of dark glass, cork and store in the refrigerator.

During infusion can also be a vessel with sea buckthorn zhomom supply and oil in a large container with hot, 70-75 ° C, water and let stand for 1-2 hours, stirring frequently;everything else is done as described above.

preparation of sea buckthorn oil from frozen fruit

fruits of sea buckthorn and refined vegetable oil in equal proportions put in an enamel container, cover and place in large bowl with boiling water.In a water bath to sustain the mass for 30 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth or nylon bag, drain the oil into the bottle and squeeze again pour fresh portion of oil and again put in a water bath.Then repeat the operation again.Thus, a portion of the pulp is extracted by three portions of vegetable oil.

all three oil extractions merge into dark glass dish and leave for one day at room temperature.When insisting weight divided into oil - at the top, and juice - at the bottom.The resulting oil is necessary to merge gently into the bottle and store in refrigerator.

preparation of sea buckthorn oil from dried fruits Dried fruits

grind in a coffee grinder, put in a high enamel or glass dish and pour warmed to 40-50 ° C refined vegetable oil.The oil should be at 0.5 cm overlap feed.The vessel was put in a dark place for 5-6 days and insist, stirring occasionally.Carefully drain the oil again let stand in a dark place and drained from the sediment again.The resulting oil was stored in the refrigerator.

This oil contains 5-15% of sea buckthorn oil.To enrich it, you need to fill it with oil to grind a new batch of sea buckthorn and then infuse for 5-6 days.Repeated insisting percentage of sea buckthorn oil will reach 10-30%.

buckthorn sauce for snacks and hot

1 liter of natural sea buckthorn juice with pulp, 50 g of crushed garlic, pepper, salt and sugar - to taste.

Peeled cloves of garlic passed through the press and combine with sea buckthorn juice, mix everything thoroughly.Then add salt and pepper to taste, you can sweeten a little, and it is better to use for this purpose is not sugar and honey - for example, a thick chestnut or buckwheat.

If you wish, you can thicken the sauce a little flour.

Ready sauce can apply to snack - vegetable cubes of carrot, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, celery stalks or lightly toasted rye bread.Perfect a sauce and meat.

Vitamin salad with sea buckthorn

1 green apple, 1 kiwi, 1 banana, 0.5 cup of strawberries or raspberries, 0.5 cups of ripe sea buckthorn berries and large, 0.5 lemon, 1 tbsp.spoon of light honey, mint leaves for decoration.

kiwi and banana peel, cut into cubes.Apple peel and core, and cut into cubes, sprinkle with lemon juice.If using strawberries, berries then cut into four pieces.All the ingredients to combine, mix, then add sea buckthorn and again being careful not to crush the berries and mix.For refueling squeeze the lemon juice and mix with honey.The resulting sauce to pour salad laid out on a plate and garnish with mint leaves.

Summer soup with sea buckthorn vitamin

6 tablespoons.spoons of sea buckthorn, 3 tbsp.spoon of dried rose hips, 2 apples, 0.5 cups sugar, 1 slice of lemon, 4 tbsp.spoons of boiled rice.

berries buckthorn bust, gently, so as not to damage, rinse, allow the water to drain well, postpone several large berries, and the rest crushed and squeeze the juice.Apples are peeled and the core, cut into strips, sprinkle with lemon juice, pour the sugar.Peel the apples cook with sea buckthorn pomace in a little water, then rub through a sieve, a little cool.Rose hips go, wash, pour boiling water (1.5 cups) lightly knead and cook at low boil, covered with a lid, for 10 minutes.Then carefully drain the broth, dissolve in it the remaining sugar, cool and combine with sea buckthorn juice and apple-sea-buckthorn weight.Ready soup fill with rice and garnish with a few whole berries of sea buckthorn.

Vitaminnoe mash with sea buckthorn

1 kg of sea buckthorn, 300-400 g of apples, or carrots, or squash or pumpkin (can be combined), 500-800 g of sugar (to taste).

berries buckthorn bust, rinse carefully, give water to drain.Then blanch berries in a small amount of water (1-1.5 cups), crush and rub through a nylon sieve, add sugar and a lot of warm over low heat until sugar is dissolved (do not boil!) Separately, blanch the peeled fruits and vegetables, grind in blenderto puree, combine with sea buckthorn puree, mix well.The hot mass filled into jars, pasteurized and roll.

fortified buckthorn butter

400 ml of sea buckthorn juice with pulp, 1 kg of butter, 400 g of sugar.

softened butter and sea buckthorn juice with pulp, beat with a mixer, gradually podsypaya sugar.The resulting mixture stored in the refrigerator.This oil has an amazing bright orange color, delicate flavor, it can be spread on toast breakfast or used as a basis for the preparation of pastry cream.

Sea buckthorn jelly with snowball

1 liter of natural sea buckthorn juice with pulp, 150 ml of juice viburnum, 20 g gelatin, 700-1000 g of sugar.

dissolve gelatin in warm water to completely dissolve.Juice of sea buckthorn and viburnum connect, heat, add the gelatin and sugar and boil down (preventing boiling) to a third of the original volume.