Reproduction shoots

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants


for orchard not care, then in 2-3 years it is overgrown shoots of cherry and plum.Root growth - it shoots formed from dormant buds on the skeletal roots of plants.Many cultures, such as plum, cherry, pear timber;as well as linden, chestnut, acacia can produce shoots up to a ripe old age.But growth conifers form is extremely rare.

Many gardeners are still planting seedlings, shoots of cherry, plum, buckthorn, Japan quince, digging their acquaintance with neighbors or friends.

Propagation grade shoots, taken from the own-rooted plants

Such cherry varieties like Vladimir, Shubinka, Fertile Lavrushina, Maya Death Gods-Tinskaya, griots Moscow or plum varieties Skorospelka red, Tula black Vengerka Moscow, Eurasia-21 is usually

areroot-genuine, ie unvaccinated.Distinguish own-rooted cherry and plum can be grafted on by root suckers.If the tree is grafted, the root growth around it will be the other

Porosleeye seedlings can be dug out only on the pre-selected healthy and high-yielding parent plants.

guyu color of shoots and leaves, as well as the size and shape of the buds and leaves.Root crop of own-rooted plants should not differ in appearance from the adult mother tree.

When shoots dig?

The growth was dig in the fall, in September - the first polrvine October or early spring before bud burst.It is better to choose the 2-year-old stocky plants with well-developed root system.They usually appear on the dark places of 2-3 meters from the parent tree.Some seedlings coppice dig horizontal root, where he grew up, and his pererubaet on both sides of the seedling.


Very often, the root system of seedlings coppice underdeveloped and has no branches.Particularly if they are grown near parent tree.Such Raste

of weak roots are planted in the spring rearing, carefully tending throughout the summer.

it possible to improve the root system of seedlings preparation.For this early in the spring sharpened shovel pererubaet horizontal root from the mother tree, separating growth.During the summer, the soil around the seedlings of the separated loosened, fertilized, watered and weed.

As a result, by the fall of lateral roots are formed on the taproot.After cutting the root bundle on the other seedlings, the seedling can be planted immediately for permanent.

coppice seedlings, though prominent, large, but these trees are generally less durable.