Reproduction by layering

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

rooted cuttings called, but not separated from the mother plant shoots.This is one of the oldest methods used in horticulture, which is widely used in these trees and shrubs as currants, gooseberries, dwarf varieties of apple, grape, lilac, rose, hazelnut, Actinidia and others. There are different ways on-vodkovogo breeding.Most receive horizontal and vertical arc cuttings.

Preparatory work

- strong annual shoots are grown on the mother plant (sometimes severe pruning carried out the whole plant);

- prepare a good fertile soil, making sand, peat, humus;

- at first it is difficult to take root crops do banding stem: the stem with a sharp knife along the circumference of the removed strip bark 8 mm wide.You can escape to tie the bend copper wire.

Arcuate slips

Usually cuttings lay in early spring as soon as the soil can GRAIN

into account.In the radial direction to the groove depth are dug out plant 10-15 cm and they are placed shoots outputting apex up into the vertical position.Shoots poured pr

epared soil, lightly compacted and watered.During the growing season watch for soil moisture and watering is carried out if necessary.

method of vertical layers

This hilling plants, planted on a stump and formed stool shoots current

present year.For hilling use compost or humus soil, and carried it in stages - first, when the height of the shoots reached 15-20 cm, the next - every six weeks until the height of the earthen mound reaches 30 cm By the autumn of each escape form this hill.its root system.In the fall (or in the early spring of the following year) hill open to the base and rooted shoots are separated from the mother plant shears.

horizontal layers

In early spring the strong annual shoots uterine bush laid horizontally in shallow (less than 2 cm) furrows

Gooseberries, are notoriously bad propagated by cuttings.I use this method of rapid reproduction.I opt for the most powerful, well-developed annual shoots of the mother bush.Normally 8-10 pieces.Prune them a little and spread the top of one side of a notch in the depth of 8-10 cm, necessarily prishpilivaya each.Branch fall asleep fertile soil.As a result, the kidneys grow vertical shoots, which gradually spud loose fertile soil.During the summer, weeding, watering if dry after rains cautiously loosen the soil, all the while growing shoots podokuchivaya to the ground.Autumn reserved shoots are cut off from the bush and cut into some bushes, with their roots.

ki in the radial direction from the mother hive and prishpilivayut of metal pins.Earth is not sprinkled.Only when the kidneys begin to grow young shoots, branches sprinkled the ground, without closing the young shoots.Gradually, as you grow up their spud the ground.Separate the young plants from the parent bush in autumn or early spring.