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Ragwort in the house should bring someone who is "caught in the middle": the wife, the husband suffering from quarrels with the mother, or a husband, worn out bad relationships wife and mother in law."Poselit" plant should be close to those who behave more aggressively, often provokes scandals.

for daughter-in-law (in-law and mother-in)

Ragwort dampens vibration irritation and hostility

Nature gave ragwort unique gift, he is able to establish a family cross-relations, ie relations

between in-law and daughter-in-law and mother-in - peoplewho did not choose each other, but are forced to communicate and get along.

responsive to disharmony, ragwort blocks energy hostility and resentment.As soon as one member of the family feels the impact of ragwort and cease to be irritated over trifles, the behavior will also change the other.Reducing psychological distance promote understanding, tolerance and mutual respect.

Features care

Ragwort love of light, but needs protection from direct sunlight.When lig

ht is insufficient, the shoots are stretched and the plant loses its decorative effect.In the summer watering sparingly, after drying the top layer of an earthen clod.Winters ragwort at a temperature 14-16 ° C, on the south window, with very scanty watering.Young plants are transplanted annually in the spring, adults every two to three years.Substrate up loose, nutritious, carefully add sand.

plants reproduce in the spring and summer stem cuttings.For rooting, you can use the same substrate as the adult plants.

family Asteraceae.The genus Senecio.Natural climatic conditions: tropical Africa.Plants diverse forms: from the vines and herbaceous shrubs to trees;a common feature of all kinds - inflorescence basket, similar to those of dandelions and daisies on which flying achenes formed quickly, bearing hairs, many species secrete a sticky mucus.The most common species in the room culture: Ragwort Gerreyna ♦ herbaceous plants;leaves up to one and a half centimeters long and 1 cm wide, berry-like, slightly pointed, rounded in cross-section;flowers up to 2 cm in diameter, yellowish.Ragwort Klein * Small shrub;leaves linear-lanceolate, pointed at the tip and tapering to the bottom, gray-green;flowers are pale yellow or whitish-yellow.Ragwort kleynievidny ♦ Semishrub different from the previous view that the shoots and leaves recumbent, larger (up to 10 cm in length) leaves, which (as well as on the stems) visible white patches.Ragwort Rouelya ♦ The stems are thin, juicy, creeping, much branched;Leaves, spherical, Iago-dopodobnye, light green with a bluish tinge.Ragwort ivy ♦ Stems creeping, branching, rooted in the interstices;leaves alternate up to 3 cm in length, volume and broadly (nearly round in cross-section), gray-green with dark green longitudinal stripes.Ragwort Jacobsen ♦ Semishrub with creeping shoots up to 80 cm long;sessile, of obratnoyay-tsevidnyh to lanceolate, fleshy;inflorescence capitate, flowers orange-yellow.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering uniform throughout the year.

Temperature: winter temperatures in the range 18-20 ° C.

Light mode: solntselyubiv.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from hardwood and sod land with sand in a ratio of 4: 1: 1.

Propagation: seeds or cuttings (in March).

Features: do not like sudden changes in conditions with-holding.