salting mushrooms

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Most people believe that it is time to mushroom - it's summer and the first half of autumn with drizzling rain is not cold.In fact, the mushroom season starts in early spring and lasts until late autumn.

In April and May there are the first mushrooms - morels.They can be found in deciduous forests on fertile soils and less in the willowy.Morel conical with an extended cap can be found in coniferous forests.In mixed forests grow morel real egg with hat brownish color.Gyromitra-cap can be found in deciduous forests.His hat has a bell-shaped form.

Some experts believe these mushrooms are poisonous due to their content of gelvellovoy acid.However, when all of the acid reflux goes into the broth, which must be drained.And it disappears when dried.

At the end of the spring season of mushroom appear raincoats.They grow in the glades, meadows, pastures, gardens and roads.The shape of these mushrooms look like a pear.Collect best young raincoats.Older specimens are painted in a dark color stand

s out from the cracks dust - disputes.

At the same time on the stumps, fallen trees and a pile of firewood can be found Pumpkin figolistnaja.In the upland meadows appears meadow honey agaric which grows until late autumn.

spring mushrooms are replaced by summer.In June, the birch groves podberёzoviki begin to appear in the pine forests - boletus.These mushrooms can be harvested until late fall, but they attract mushroom pickers in early summer.At this time, you can collect Mokhovikov, russula, summer honey agaric growing until October.

In late June, start to grow mushrooms, which can be found in a pine forest and spruce.Boletus edulis is considered the best of the edible fungi.His dark brown hat, and the flesh is firm, white or brown stem.

aspen as podberёzovik, harvested until late fall for salting and drying.

Also at this time can be found svinushki, and on the edges and clearings - mushrooms.You can collect including Lactarius rufus.In July, there are mushrooms.In this month, the family grows syroezhek very different coloring.

August is considered the main mushroom month.At this time, you can meet all kinds of fungi, especially those securities as mushrooms, mushrooms, osinoviki, berёzoviki, towards the middle and end of the month begin to grow Mokhovikov.In the second half of August, there are mushrooms, mushrooms, white volnushki.

In aspen, rarely birch thickets and pine forests are abundant boletus and chanterelle true.

Ryzhikov can be found in the spruce forests.They have a convex or funnel-shaped hat with circles and a cylindrical leg.Mushroom fully painted in orange.

Often in August across chanterelles, you can also find nests opёnka autumn.

When autumn cold, fungal growth is slowing sharply, and then stops altogether.In September, you can collect berёzovik marsh, mlechniki, later russules, honey agaric autumn.

In October, you can still find white mushroom and oyster mushrooms in autumn.And with the onset of frost in the forest to collect already nothing.

However, it should be remembered that all the fungi collection dates are conditional and depend on climatic conditions.Mushrooms can appear earlier or later than average periods.

Fresh Cut mushrooms should not be stored for a long time.They are very perishable and lose its taste.Especially do not recommend storing wet mushrooms collected in the rainy weather.All fungi are best processed immediately, ie. E. The day of collection.

If processed mushrooms does not work, they should be sure to go through and sort.During this work, the mushrooms, which will continue to solitsya or marinate should fill in salted water, and for drying mushrooms spread out on a blank sheet of paper or cardboard so that they do not touch each other.

Store mushrooms to be dried, it should be in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Prior to processing mushrooms should be cleaned of debris, cut legs, cut the wormy place.Be used for such processing stainless steel blades, as the blades of conventional pulp fungi may blacken.

The most common methods of processing and storage of mushrooms are:

1) drying;

2) salting;

3) pickling;

4) manufacturing of powders and extracts;

Salting - this is one of the most popular ways of processing of fresh mushrooms.

for salting perfect lamellar mushrooms:










mushrooms, and.. etc.

also used for pickling mushrooms ribbed: aspen, podberёzoviki, boletus.But these mushrooms solyatsya less.

Mushrooms desirable salt by type, but if the year was not very fruitful, the pickle can be in the form of cuts.

Preparing dishes

Mushrooms can be salted in the glass and enamelware as well as in wooden tubs.

wooden utensils for pickling (fig.) (New and used) before the ambassador should be soaked, then it will not pass water.

Wooden containers for pickling mushrooms

If tubs new and made of oak, they should be soaked for 12 days with frequent water changes.Such a procedure will help to eliminate the tannins contained in oak wood.If the dishes are not soaked oak, then brine and mushrooms under the influence of tannins may turn black.

After soaking tubs must be very thoroughly cleaned with a brush and then steamed with hot water and caustic soda (50 g soda to 10 liters of water).

Not recommended salt mushrooms in pottery, as under the influence of salts and acids, it becomes unusable.In addition, the glaze is coated pottery, can be lead, which under the effect of the brine can poison mushrooms.

then steamed and washed tubs recommended to fumigate with sulfur.This will help to destroy the micro-organisms that may have lodged in the crevices of the walls.

glass and enamel ware should be carefully washed and dried at a high temperature.

All prepared for pickling mushrooms utensils must be clean and have no foreign odors.

saline fresh mushrooms Cold

For cold pickling, salting ie without prior boiling, use the following types of mushrooms:

1) mushrooms present;..

2) oak mushrooms;

3) mushrooms aspen;

4) yellow mushrooms;

5) black (podgruzdi white and black);

6) pine mushrooms;

7) mushrooms spruce;

8) volnushki pink;

9) volnushki white;

10) Lactarius flexuosus;

11) some types syroezhek.

All of these species of fungi can add salt in the mixture, or separately.

All mushrooms that will solitsya, you must go through, thoroughly cleaned of debris, fill with clean water and leave soaked for 4-5 hours.

Then soaked mushrooms should be washed under running water, remove caked mud using brushes hatsand then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

All washed mushrooms feet must be cut, leaving no more than 5 mm.Mushroom caps should shift into the prepared dish, stacking layers of 6 cm cut down.At the bottom of the dish, which will solitsya mushrooms are kindly requested to pour a layer of salt, add the leaves of black currant, cherry, horseradish and dill stalks.With spices important not to go too far, since they can drown out the taste and aroma of mushrooms.

Each layer of mushrooms is necessary to pour salt with the addition of spices.Salt is added at the rate of 40-50 g per 1 kg of fresh mushrooms.

dishes stacked in the mushrooms should be covered with a layer of leaves currants, cherries, fennel, must be put on top of a wooden club, which is necessary to advance clean gauze wrap and press down oppression, such as stone.

After 1-3 days mushrooms in the dish settle and give juice.

When pickling mushrooms used utensils large capacity, then add it to the mushrooms you can as they gather.Once the tank is full, the top layer of mushrooms is necessary to put currants and cherry leaves and dill stems so that they are completely covered with mushrooms.This will help prevent fungi from contact with the mold, if it suddenly appears.

as oppression is not recommended to use of lime stone or dolomite.Stones of such materials under the action of the brine can be dissolved and spoil salting fungi.

mushrooms, pickled cold way, it will be possible to eat after 30-40 days after the start salting.

This method of salting helps to get the best products and mushrooms while acquire dense texture.

saline boiled mushrooms

this way, pickling salt is mainly mushrooms that contain bitterness: mushrooms, gorkushi, krasnushki, shaft, some blewits, Govorushko, cortinarius, Stropharia aeruginosa, mushrooms and some russula.

Mushrooms, after they have been cleared of debris and flushed, you must boil in salted water for 30 minutes.Then the water in which they are cooked, it should be emptied and washed mushrooms under cold running water, discard in a colander and drain the water.

After that, boiled mushrooms should be put in a container, add salt (40-60 g per 1 kg of boiled mushrooms) and cover with a wooden circle with a yoke.As a seasoning in these mushrooms can add garlic, onion, horseradish.

saline manner suitable food fungi already on day 6-8.

This method of salting is suitable for the processing of white mushrooms, aspen, podberёzovikov, oil.These mushrooms should boil for 15 minutes.

suitable for processing mushrooms dry salting method.Mushrooms with this method no need to wash or soak.They are enough to wipe with a damp cloth, folded into a container for salting legs up and pour salt at the rate of 50 g per 1 kg of mushrooms.Other spices do not need to add in the mushrooms.Then you need to put on top of a circle, which is set oppression.Ryzhikov will be ready for use as early as 6 days.

saline blanched mushrooms

Such mushrooms, like mushrooms, aspen, volnushki, russula, you can salt the field they will be pre-problanshirovat.For this

mushrooms should be cleaned, rinsed and dipped in a colander or sieve to 5-8 minutes in boiling water, then cool, wash them in cold running water and place in a bowl, adding salt at the rate of 50 g per 1 kgmushrooms.

as seasoning for pickling mushrooms in this way you can put the garlic, parsley, horseradish, dill and celery.

Pickled mushrooms in this way can be eaten in 10 days.

Storage pickled mushrooms

pickled mushrooms Store in a cool, well-ventilated area (Fig.).

Tanks for the storage of salty mushrooms

temperature in it should not be higher than 5-6 ° C.At lower temperatures, the mushrooms can promёrznut and lose its taste.If the temperature is higher than 6 ° C, then they deteriorate and sour.

When storing salted mushrooms should always ensure that the mushrooms were always in the brine.If the brine evaporates and will not cover the mushrooms, the dishes in which they solyatsya should be topped up from time to time boiled, but ostuzhennoy water.