Reproduction suckers and root cuttings

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

duplication root suckers

Raspberries and blackberries erect very well multiply annual shoots growing on suckers.And one summer, they are a meter and a "crawl" from the parent bush.In the fall the most powerful offspring together with part of the root system of the bush dug and transplanted in the appropriate place.Thus formed a new brush is well acclimatized.

Propagation of raspberry root cuttings is based on a good regenerative ability of its roots.Root cuttings harvested in the autumn when vykop-ke-offspring plants.At the roots of the cuttings cut the thickness of 2 mm and a thickness that are cut to a length of 15 cm. They are planted obliquely can be used in the grooves or slots

• The offspring of raspberries with kidney (1, 2,3,4) depth of 10 cm for planting

the upper end up.A small amount of cuttings are planted in greenhouses in the groove depth of 5 cm, arranging them horizontally abutting each other.Caring for them is normal.By the autumn of next year, from the roots of the kidneys grow sp

routs with a good root system.The method is very effective.

Reproduction "nettle" InMay-June, the young offspring of a height of 8-15 cm are cut at ground level, bind in bundles of 25 pieces.immersed and ML-percent solution of IAA at 16-17 hours. Thereafter, the cuttings are planted in the greenhouse, where high humidity three weeks cuttings are rooted.In the open ground they are transplanted after a gradual hardening.By the fall of them grow seedlings standard size.

Green suckers can be deposited and later, when they formed their own root system.In the second half of summer raspberries growing green shoots break through, is separated from the mother's roots and, preferably lumpy

• Department seedling

-son raspberry

land, transplanted to a permanent place in the garden.Branch and planting of such plants is best done in cloudy and rainy weather.After 2 weeks, the seedlings start to grow, and at the time of digging planting materials reach the standard size.