Chest and legs

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Beauty Woman

course, every part of the body deserves our attention.But if the face and hands of the majority of women are able to take care and body has learned to read the previous article, about those parts of the body like the chest and legs, yet to talk.

ideal breast is considered a medium-sized breasts, a cone-shaped or round-shaped, with elastic skin.Additionally, you can conduct a mini-test.Make a thread of an isosceles triangle.Let the base of the triangle connects your nipples, and the sides are connected to the jugular fossa.If the triangle is equilateral turns you povez-- you optimal physique.

However, whatever your chest, it needs proper care.To do this, firstly, it is very important to choose the right bra (disturbed blood circulation in too close, and the breast droops too spacious).Courting the breast, do not overdry skin of the breast.To do this is to abandon the use of soap and very hot water.It is necessary to pick up a special gentle shower gel, and after a shower to use moisturizers with vitamin


to the chest remained beautiful for years to come, watch posture, if you will walk with a smooth back straight, chest does not sag.

Watch your weight: if sharply to reset it, then lost the internal body fat, sagging breasts.If fast weight gain, stretch marks may appear on the skin.

Beware of sunburn: frequent sunbathing is not only strongly desiccate the skin of the breast, but also increase the risk of breast cancer.For the same reason you should not sunbathe topless in the summer - otherwise it is many times faster breast skin aging, and in the neck may appear dark spots and wrinkles.

Perfect legs should be slender, if you put them together, they should form the four "windows": between the upper inner thighs, from the bottom of the thigh to the upper part of the calf, from the knee to mid-calf, from ankle to mid-calf.The feet should be soft, nails - manicured.

feet skin, according to modern canons of beauty, must be devoid of hair - although, in principle, allowed to have a light, barely visible down.

reach all these standards of beauty is not very simple, but very real.The following recommendations to you in this will certainly help.