Useful properties of cauliflower

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Vegetable Plants

Cabbage kohlrabi - (stebleplodnaya) Brassica oleracea var.gongylodes L. The edible part of cauliflower - stebleplod different shapes.Distributed varieties with light green and violet-blue color.Nutritional value Kohlrabi high: up to 8,5mg% carotene, vitamin B 0,3mg%, to 0,4mg% vitamin B2, to 0,9mg% of vitamin PP.Vitamin C is greater than lemon, - up to 52 mg%, high in calcium (45mg%), phosphorous (50 mg%) iron.

Kohlrabi easy to digest, is not woody.Young leaves are richer in vitamins, so they should be added to the food.Kohlrabi early varieties should be used in food in raw form, as it appears in the sales in the period of a lack of fresh vegetables.

Almost cauliflower can be grown all year round using a set of grades, including grade of "Giant", which forms a large stebleplod with a very gentle heart and stiffens.When grown kohlrabi can not pereudobryat soil nitrogen, especially at the early varieties, so that they do not accumulate excess nitrates.There are many varieties of cauliflower with differ

ent growing season.From the early varieties are most suitable, "Olmia" and "Modran" of late - "Violet" and "Giant."Sort by "Giant" is more suitable for the cultivation of vegetable growers-lovers who come to their sites only at the weekend: the harvest (stebleplod) can be harvested when they are still young, and in the autumn, when strongly grow.Kohlrabi is well kept, if the plants are to pull together the roots that need to be stored in the basement in a humid place.Early varieties are grown under a film.

Useful properties

rich chemical composition of this type of cabbage will keep the health and well-being.Cabbage kohlrabi positive effect on many areas, without which our bodies would not be able to exist normally.

For the urogenital system.Kohlrabi has a mild diuretic effect, removes from the body excess liquid and prevents swelling and bladder stones.

to the gastrointestinal tract.Cabbage turnip improves appetite, relieves inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive system, beneficial effects on the liver and normalize metabolic processes in the body.It also facilitates the flow of serious diseases such as chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer and stomach, inflammation of the spleen.Kohlrabi cleans the intestines of toxins, perfectly removes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive system.It is an excellent prevention of oncological diseases.

Kohlrabi also helps to restore the liver, gall bladder, increases appetite and makes it easier for diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

Slimming.In 100 grams of cauliflower contains only 45 calories, so it can be safely included in the daily diet to those who suffer from obesity or an adherent to dietary nutrition.

rapid weight loss contributes to what cabbage turnip, consisting of a large amount of fiber, it cleans the intestines of toxins.Furthermore, in the cabbage contains tartronic acid which prevents conversion of carbohydrates into fats.

benefit to the immune system.Kohlrabi suppress the livelihoods of many pathogens and strengthens the immune system.Since ancient times, freshly squeezed juice kohlrabi root decoction and its foliage used for the treatment of asthma, cough, pulmonary tuberculosis.Very useful this vegetable in hypovitaminosis and diabetes.

For the cardiovascular system.This type of cabbage is not only cleans the intestines, but the whole body, bringing it from harmful cholesterol.This vegetable strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.It is often used for the treatment and prevention of anemia, ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure and hypertension.
This vegetable is very well digested, it helps rid the body of excess fluid.In the course of research, physicians have found that eating cauliflower is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis.

Kohlrabi against cancer.As recent medical studies, sulfur-containing substances that are contained in the kohlrabi in high concentration, prevents the appearance of cancerous tumors in the colon and rectum, lung, breast, male genital organs and urinary bladder.They derive from the body of harmful chemicals.

to the nervous system.This vegetable is recommended for use for people suffering from excessive nervousness and depression.Kohlrabi restores the nervous system, calms the nerves, promotes mood elevation and restores emotional balance.

Kohlrabi to the oral cavity.Once in the mouth, turnip cabbage produces triple effect.First, it strengthens the teeth and gums, which is very useful for anyone, and especially for children and pregnant women.Secondly, kohlrabi is very good for gingivitis and stomatitis.And thirdly, it kills many pathogenic bacteria and does not develop any inflammatory processes.

Use kohlrabi skin.This type of cabbage is part of masks for aging skin.Thanks to them face looks young and fresh.

greatest benefit carries raw kohlrabi.It is worth noting that in a number of European countries in the food consumed roots themselves, and young leaves.They contain no less useful elements than in stebleplod.

In tuberculosis.From the roots of kohlrabi and its fruit prepare a broth, which helps treat tuberculosis and asthma.Useful properties of cauliflower appear in any way: it can be eaten fresh (it helps to strengthen the gums and teeth, as well as, for example, carrots or turnips, so let's stalk your children chew and eat themselves), stewed, boiled, baked.Fresh juice of cabbage this perfectly eliminates cough, hoarseness, relieves inflammation in the mouth, it helps with anemia, with diseases of the kidneys and the spleen.When
osteoporosis and fractures kostey.Rekomenduyut include in the diet as a mandatory course, salad of cabbage kohlrabi with cheese, dressed with sour cream.It is necessary for calcium fortification body, especially in the recovery period.

Kohlrabi irreplaceable product with hypovitaminosis, its juice reduces edema, removes from the cells of tissues affected by toxic substances and overwhelming to many disease-causing microbes.

positive effect of the use of kohlrabi observed in renal disease and diabetes.After serious infectious diseases, it is necessary for the recovery of the body.Good kohlrabi and as a choleretic agent.
When poor appetite - squeeze the juice and drink for 40 minutes before meals for one hundred milliliters,
In bronchial asthma - use a decoction of the tops.To prepare the broth, you need 60 grams.foliage cabbage pour 400 ml.water and bring to a boil, boil for 20 minutes, then allow to cool slightly and strain.Take an exacerbation of the disease is 2-3 times a day for 100 ml.broth.


any special contraindications in cabbage turnip no.It is not recommended to have in three cases:

· If you are hypersensitive;
· When acidity of the stomach;
· When acute pancreatitis;
during pregnancy and breast-feeding babies.

edible part of the plant - a sprawling stebleplod much, just stumps round shape.Accordingly, the taste kohlrabi like a cabbage stumps.Thanks contained in cabbage anthocyanins her stumps painted in different shades of purple, but there are varieties with green fruit.The flesh is always white, regardless of the external color of the fruit.

This is the early appearance of fruit and cabbage is one of the early appearance of fruit vegetables.

interest for the amateur gardener represent early hybrids with white stebleplod Korist F1, Karatag F1, as well as the variety and hybrid Violet Hummingbird F1 - with purple stebleplod.

Kohlrabi unassuming little attacked by pests, almost sick.She is not afraid of hernia.

Features cultivation

Like most brassica crops, kohlrabi - a biennial plant that is in the first year increases the pantry-stebleplod, while the second uses the pantry to build the flower stalk and seed cultivation.Early varieties sometimes have time to give the seeds in the first year of planting.This cabbage grows very quickly, especially early maturing varieties.From sowing until cooked fruit takes only 60 days.

plant cold-resistant, so kohlrabi can be sown directly into open ground, without waiting until the spring frost bypassed.This can be done simultaneously with the sowing radish.When the season ends radish, just start the season kohlrabi.

the one and the same area even in two northern summer harvest kohlrabi can be removed.

Kohlrabi is better to sow a few dates, because overripe stebleplod becomes rude and tasteless.

Kohlrabi is very useful for the cultivation of the fact that it can be sown directly into open ground, without growing seedlings.

to soil kohlrabi less demanding than other kinds of cabbage, but much tastier and more tender in the humus-rich soils stebleplod.

Having a highly branched root, it is much more than other types of cabbage is adapted to drought.However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to water.Without irrigation stebleplod coarsens and becomes unpalatable.Feeding kohlrabi desirable to give, as well as any other cabbage, but their number is much smaller.Firstly, they can be done every 2 weeks, and secondly, it is growing rapidly, so that the amount of fertilizing is required not so much.

Like every cabbage, kohlrabi prefers a sunny place, but a little shading, unlike others, it is also on the shoulder.I'm raising it is not in the garden, and simply are planted around the perimeter of the crown of young apple trees.

So a special place in six acres kohlrabi, generally speaking, is not required.The fresh kohlrabi stored poorly.Freezing is not subject.

In cooking cauliflower is widely primenenie- raw, in salads (with carrots, mayonnaise, and so on. D.) Or as a vegetable soup, or stew, acidic form, like cabbage.Kohlrabi is fried, stuffed, baked, stewed in vegetable mixtures.Kohlrabi can be preserved in the form of grated in sweet and sour marinade, use it in salads.