Saskatoon Overview

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

irgi Dried berries currants are called so often, and the plant itself is called currants.Saskatoon grows on almost any soil, except for marshy, but the best on loam.For soil fertility is too undemanding, because even manages to grow on bare rocks.

have irgi beautiful rounded leaves with a bluish tinge, it blooms early, so goes out of spring frosts, so that always gives the harvest.Profuse blooms in spring makes it elegant and clusters of dark berries appear in early summer.However, the fall of the special beauty of Saskatoon does not shine.Usually grows a tall stem, berries from which willingly regale birds.To berries birds instead regaled yourself, do not let it grow more than 2-2.5 m, which for

constantly shorten irgi at the tip, which is better to file away in the late autumn.Filing the top creates the conditions for the emergence of the ground zero escapes.Usually, they go straight from the barrel, so to dig such an escape for breeding is not easy, and it usually does not do.Shoots must also be sh

ortened annually.

No enemies, no illnesses have irgi not - so that's a pretty plant.

already on 2-3rd year on irgu can instill a pear, which will come into fruition.As with rowan, vaccination should be made low, at the level of 13-20 cm from the soil surface.

Features cultivation


irgu planted in the spring and fall.It survives well, provided that it has a good root system.Pay attention to this When buying seedlings.Saskatoon propagated by cuttings is very difficult, so it is not worth of grafted.It can be propagated by layering, but the roots of prikopat branches grow slowly and usually is deposited prikopat plant only a year later.But Saskatoon is well propagated by seeds.They were seeded immediately after ripe berries.Ripe berries smeared on the toilet paper and seeded into place right along with the paper.Make sure that the soil at the site of the crops did not dry up.In the spring there will be young seedlings, which are the same in the fall can be transplanted into place, although they are still quite small.With a transfer, you can wait until the spring, but to delay the transfer should not be.Adult or grown plant transplant carries bad, because its root system is slowly taking root na new location.But then the plant no worries, no hassle.It grows itself and does not need to care.

course, Saskatoon, like any plant, prefers fertile soil and good lighting, but will put up with what we have.

not remove from under the foliage of the plants, this irge would be enough to feed themselves.If from time to time will pamper her a couple of buckets of organic matter in the spring, she will thank you excellent harvest.

exceptionally winter-hardy plant, so irgu can be used to protect the garden from the north wind.Planted it as a green fence on the northern boundary of the site.It is peaceful and gets along well with all the inhabitants of the garden.

Useful properties

Berries are sweet taste, ripen earlier than black currants.Features of properties they do not possess, but pleasant to the taste, do not contain many vitamins

as polysaccharides.It is very fond of children, animals and birds, then it is worthwhile berry.

bird protection is required, otherwise they hatch ripe berries from the flank, and it dries up.Lay plant lutrasilom useless birds climb into hiding, but throw on top of the network - effective measure.Birds are afraid of snares.Instead, the network can use the bags from under the bow or potato-like network.


irgi The berries are cooked jam with berries of black currant or without black currant, but then when cooked should be added a little citric acid.Jam boil only "five minutes."

first brought to the boil a couple of times and then cook it for 5 minutes, otherwise the berries skukozhivayutsya, and the skin they become stiff.Even tastier cooking irgu with lemon.

jam with lemon

1 kg of berries, 800 g sugar, 1 lemon, 1/4 h. Spoon of vanilla sugar.

berries with sugar to fall asleep for 5-6 hours.Lemon parboiled.To rub it on a grater, or chop in a food processor or a meat grinder, cleaning of grain (otherwise a jam will taste bitter).

Mix the lemon with a lot of berries and bring to a boil, remove from heat, cool.Then again, bring to a boil and cook for 5-7 minutes.Add vanilla, stir and put on banks.