Reproduction of woody cuttings

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Among gardeners, growers planting material, this method - the most convenient.No special facilities in a greenhouse or greenhouses, easy maintenance, a high percentage of rooted cuttings.

Black, red and white currants

Forming uterine bush

for annual harvesting cuttings in a large number of uterine bushes need to be properly cut and shape.In the first year of planting seedlings in the shoots are cut, leaving above the soil surface at 3-5 kidneys.In the fall of shoots grown in summer are left at every bush 1-3 strengths and weaknesses of all cut out, leaving no stumps.The following year, with a two-year branches are beginning to harvest green cuttings.In the fall of the weak and two-year branches, from which cuttings were taken completely removed, leaving a bush 4-5 strong shoots zero.

It should be borne in mind that the cuttings of red and white currants rooted worse than a black, so they should be planted as soon as possible.Cut annual shoots in the second half of August, cut the cuttings, rooting

stimulants handle them and immediately planted in a prepared seedbed.Before the end of the growing season loosen the soil between the rows of planted cuttings watered as needed and remove weeds.

Harvesting cuttings

best time of propagation of a black currant - September - first half of October.If you do not have time to fall, the cuttings can be planted in the spring, but they should be cut at the end of February.And in a very short deadlines for the spring planting of cuttings.And it may be low during hot weather in May rooting.With annual cut the branches removed all the leaves.Prepared in this manner is cut into cuttings of shoots 18-20 cm in length. It is not enough at the top of lignified cuttings do not use.Lower section 45 makes an angle with the opposite side ° kidneys and 1 cm below its base and the top - line 1 cm above the kidney.

Planting cuttings

Cuttings are planted in the gap 15-20 cm under the angle 45 °, leaving 1-2 buds on the surface.The soil on both sides of a number of well-compacted down.In this condition the cuttings go in the winter.

Care spring and summer cuttings

In some years, especially in low compaction of the cuttings at planting in the spring there is a strong bulging of the soil.In this case, svezheottayavshey soil cuttings should immediately retract to the previous depth and sealed by hand.Useful and small hilling to the top of the kidneys.

summer aisle periodically loosen, remove weeds and watered during hot dry weather.Together with watering conducted 2 fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, urea) - in May, in the beginning phase of shoot growth, and in June, in the phase of active growth.If the plants do not grow, then again in the July fed complex fertilizer.

If you are late on shoots and buds began to swell, then cut off the stalks and put them in a jar with clean water defended.In a warm room after 10-12 days, the roots begin to form.Once the greatest root length reaches 1 cm cuttings carefully transplanted in pots or boxes of juice, dairy products, nutrient-filled soil.The first time they cover with plastic bags and pritenyayut.Plants are planted in mid-May, buried 10-15 cm compared to the original planting.

If a brand new and young bush, the stalks are cut short-about 5 cm. As a result, even with a small bush can be cut into several dozen cuttings.They are located on at least two kidney - one at the bottom, the second - on the top.The number of kidney may be more if the tops of the shoots take.Cuttings are cut early in the spring from pre-fall or winter escapes.Planted them in a cold hotbed for film as well, ie, obliquely, buried up to the upper kidney.Rooting takes place at high humidity.Therefore, every day 2-3 times watered from a watering can.At an optimum temperature (about 25 ° C) for 15-25 days lower nodes cuttings roots appear.


woody cuttings can be propagated only hybrids of American and European varieties.This sort Change, Gingerbread Man, Eaglet, North captain.Cuttings root European varieties is very weak.

Shoots rooting is usually harvested in the fall and stored until spring.The length of the cuttings of 20-22 cm. It is better to take root cuttings from the middle part of the shoot.Planted them in spring as soon as possible, pan, leaving a soil 1-2 buds.In the autumn planting of cuttings cutting and landing should be performed before leaf fall.

cuttings planted in the flower bed with loose, fertile, moist soil.After planting, the soil around the cuttings well compacted.Then necessarily watered and mulch humus layer of 4-5 cm. Mulching helps to preserve soil moisture and better rooting.Further care is the same as for cuttings currants.

Grape Harvest

chibouks autumn, during the pruning, only lignified part of the vine.It is better to cut dvuhglazkovye cuttings, which are stored at a temperature

0 ... + 2 ° C in the wet, pre-steamed sawdust, in the usual cellar or basement.

Preparing cuttings for planting:

- in March and early April, the cuttings are removed from the storage facility;

- update the lower section, it should be oblique, under the kidney.The upper section of the line, above the kidneys by 1.0-1.5 cm;

- cuttings well washed and laying on vymochku in water at room

Growers near Moscow by the beginning of June the grapes are grown seedlings with well developed root system.For this rooted cuttings are planted in shkolku not, and in various containers larger, for example, buckets, pots, etc.The substrate usually consists of a mixture of sand and peat in a ratio of 1: 1.In good light and regular fertilizing (1 g of complete fertilizer in 1 liter of water, 1-2 times a week), at the beginning of June grow seedlings with well developed root system and one or two shoots sometimes up to 1 m in length.Such plant seedlings can be directly at the beginning of the summer, but you can fall or next spring.

temperature for 2-3 days, changing the water every day;

- then the day-cuttings placed in a solution of growth stimulants (IAA one tablet per 0.5 liter of water) or honey (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water.), Dipping their lower ends to a depth of 1-1.5 cm;

- any sharp object (knife or a nail tip) make some scratches below the lower the kidney, without touching it;

- parafiniruyut upper ends of the cuttings, dipping them in melted paraffin.

Landing Chubukov

thus prepared cuttings planted in plastic bags in a clean, steamed, lightly pressed sawdust so that the top bud is above the surface.To maintain high humidity with handle package served another packet.Rooting cuttings is carried out at a temperature of about 25 ° C.Normally packages with cuttings are placed on a wooden stand on a radiator near the window.After all, the main danger when rooting cuttings - is the awakening of the kidneys before the roots appear.Therefore, it is necessary to heat the ground below, and kidney kept cold.Then, a month or a little more seedlings are obtained with a good root system and only to wake up the kidneys.Daily reveal the top pack for a few minutes and sprayed with kidney warm water spray.When the first leaves begin to blossom, cuttings pritenyayut paper, so as not to "burn" in the bright spring sunshine, and spraying is carried out in the morning and evening.After 20-25 days the first shoots will develop, as the first roots appear below.

Rooting in a bottle

The bottle is poured fertile mixture consisting .From one part humus, one part peat, two parts sod land

and one part coarse sand.Do not forget in a day to do a few drainage holes.The upper part of the bottle cap, will cover and will provide a microclimate for the period

rooting cuttings.The prepared cuttings planted in the middle of the cup made in the rod hole diameter of about 20 mm, and filled with coarse sand.

planted rooted cuttings in the open ground after the frost of night, when the temperatures are above zero.Seedlings planted cautiously without disturbing the roots, inclined to the north at an angle of 45 °.On top of the ridge arrange frame with plastic wrap.Caring for plants is the daily airing, spraying, moistening, loosening soil, weeding.When the threat passes the night frosts, the greenhouse was removed and the plants are usual care.

can chibouks rooting in containers with water.Handle cut at 2 cm below the node, treated with growth stimulants and put in water.Glass jar with cuttings exposed to light and as soon as the first leaves, add 1 drop of liquid complex fertilizers.


Annual shoots are cut in late November-early December, or early spring, in early March, and stored in the snow or in the room at a temperature of -2 ° C 0-.

spring cuttings cut length of 15-20 cm and a thickness of at least 0.5 cm. Then, within two-three days, they are kept in water at room temperature, changing the water daily.Planted vertically, leaving 2-3 buds above the ground, with a distance of 10 x 10 cm. Earth around the cuttings compacted, well watered and mulch with peat.In the first two to three weeks watering 2-3 times a day.With the right care for the autumn grow plants with a good aboveground part and root system.