August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

on garden plots found another plant, called zemleklunikoy and is a hybrid of wild strawberries with strawberry.Twenty years ago, the breeder TS Cantor by interbreeding managed to get a hybrid strawberry with strawberries, which was named zemleklunika.Created TS grade Cantor Raisa Diana and Penelope are still the best.

From strawberry plant inherited a tall and sturdy stems, relatively small berries reddish-whitish color, the tips of whose remains greenish, even in mature form.But berries preserved surprisingly strong flavor and high sugar content.Therefore, they are so fond of children.

From strawberry plants have received fertility.When growing zemlekluniki need to know is that it gives a large number of whiskers, and very moisture-loving.If moisture is not enough, the harvest of berries drops significantly due to the fact that part of the fruit dries up right on the stalk not developing.

By planting this crop should be given a solid mass (such as under trees), tinned garden zemleklunikoy instead o

f lawn grasses.Or take her place on the edge of the ditch.Either on the flat surface of the soil, without ridges, - carpet fashion.By the way, carpeted way you can grow and strawberry.He concludes that the entire landing area just plants are planted and nothing else to do planting for several years.They are not weed, do not remove the faded flower stalks are not cut off his mustache, do not remove the foliage.Strawberries growing in the forest, without any care.One thing to do - to water boarding, especially if you put a carpeted way zemlekluniku.If you have made before planting in soil fraction powder fertilizer AVA (1.5 h. Spoon per square meter planting), then feed the strawberries do not have to for three years.If you do not make fertilizers, the year after fruiting should be made randomly directly on plants 1 tbsp.spoon of NPK per 1 m2 landings.You can make fertilizer by dissolving them in water, combining with irrigation.

first plants begin to produce a lot of mustache, then their number is greatly reduced due to the lack of free space.That is, the plants themselves are beginning to adjust their further proliferation.Of course, the strawberries will try to capture all the surrounding areas.It should be restricted: either annually ditching around the perimeter of the land on which it grows, or turn over the landing boards, poles or flat slate.After 4-6 years, the harvest will decline sharply.This means that the plant material has come into disrepair and the soil for planting is exhausted.

After harvest will cover land with strawberries directly on top of bushes hay, leaves, weed weeds or fold at this point, the compost heap all summer.At the end of the season, cover old film so that it is not the wind blew, and leave until the following spring.Over the fall and winter under a film all peregniet.So that no digging or planting destroy you do not have.If you want to biomass pereprela just a month and a half, then pour the ground preparation "Rebirth" to the shelter film.It is known that the bacteria which are in this preparation, only survive at temperatures from 0 to 25 degrees.Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the plantation and pour the drug in early August.Next strawberry carpet laid in August of this year at the new location.However, planting should not be taken with an old plantation.