remontant strawberries

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

They are, generally speaking, a few species.There are those that continually produce fruit throughout the summer, in particular, beardless strawberries.There are other, fruiting which occurs twice during the season.

varieties Choice

appeared latest varieties with large berries, in particular, the Brighton brand.We need to know more about a particular remontant varieties.They were bred in countries with a much warmer climate than we have in the Non-Black Earth and, especially in the Northwest.Such varieties as Mont Everest, at home, in France, do not give two or three harvests in Ukraine is also possible.In Germany, Machern common variety in the US - Rich Red.In recent years, these seeds and other foreign varieties became available in our country.There are our varieties: Crimean remontant and especially widely advertised grade Moscow Delicatessen (under the name Strawberry illiterate Moscow Delicatessen.).There is an interesting variety Lotoc White with white berries.Many remontant varieties flower and

fruit throughout the season on neukorenyayuschihsya outlets this summer.Bags of seeds are often accompanied by a colorful picture, which placed the photo wall, literally hung with flowering and fruit-bearing strawberries.In summary gardeners promised fabulous crops - up to 2 kg per bush.This does not correspond to reality, "klyunuvshih" the bait will be disappointed.

Do I have to be at the site remontant strawberries?Why not?For example, it is possible to get even in the North West 3-4 bush rather large-fruited varieties of Colombian or Cardinal.True will have to take some measures.To speed up the ripening of the first harvest in April should be immediately covered with a bed of strawberry remontant double layer lutrasila spanned by the arc.Harvest you will receive two weeks before the main strawberry plantation.In early August, when night temperatures drop to 6-8 degrees and ripening berries slows down, it is necessary to once again put on remontant strawberries shelter.Then you will manage with minimal losses harvest.


remontant varieties can be grown on a trellis or in the form of hang-downing, but it is too difficult for our climate.You can take such a landing in the northern wall of the glass-enclosed greenhouse or such which can not be removed for the winter film.Box of strawberries planted winter but have to shoot and dig in soil in a greenhouse if you grow strawberries in the form of hang-downing.If you grow it in trellis form, the plants must be removed for the winter with a trellis and expanded in the soil until spring.In this and in another case, the landing should hide spruce branches.After all, they will have to spend the winter without snow cover, because they spend the winter in the greenhouse.