Creating a flower garden

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Street Flowers

Create any shape flower bed (beds, ridges, curbs, mixborders) requires careful preparation.Before the device is prepared on paper drawing with all the plants and the distances between them.First, draw the contours of the selected geometric shape and mark out a place on her planting flowers groups.If a flower bed section is processed for the first time, it requires special care.In autumn dig the intended site and make a well-rotted manure, compost or leaf humus at the rate of 1-2 buckets per 1 m2.This improves the structure and vlagouderzhi-vayuschuto capacity of the soil.In the spring the soil surface lightly compacted and leveled with a rake, do not grind too much ground.Then, make a complex mineral fertilizer at the rate of '20 sulfuric kitty logo ammonium or urea in '10, '40 and '15 superphosphate potassium chloride per 1 m2.The edges of flower beds and borders must be well to outline that will facilitate a haircut adjoining lawns.A shallow groove, dug around the perimeter of the flower beds, allow us

e fillets scissors.Flower must rise above the surface area of ​​5-10 cm, so the site was added to the prepared fertile soil

.When she settled and compacted, a bed attached to the corresponding form on the drawing, using the cord, folding ruler and wooden pegs.

spring flower garden dig around the edges, otgrebaya soil from the adjacent track or lawn and forming a shallow groove.This facilitates the lawn cut and the use of herbicides.

most commonly practiced double planting flowers for decoration of flower beds, rabatok and borders within a year - in spring and summer.For summer flowering pick one and perennials, biennials and with summer flowering period; for spring - bulbs and perennial plants from the spring flowering period.

Plants intended for spring bloom, planted in the ground in September and October, before the onset of severe frosts of autumn, so that the young plants, for example seedlings biennials, such as daisies, pansies, forget-me, a Turkish cloves, managed to settle down well.They replace the summer flowering plants that had already withered.The coloring of the expected colors give planted between them hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and other bulbs.

spring, the plants are always planted in the flower bed before planting bulbs.This avoids damage to the bulbs when digging holes for planting, which can occur if the bulbs are planted first.In addition, a sequence eliminates the unevenness in the distribution of color when planted close to the plant happens to be hidden bulbs with soil.seedling plants are clearly visible on the surface of the beds, and the heterogeneity of the landing can be immediately corrected.

Plants blooming in spring, before planting the bulbs are planted when they are grown together.The bulbs are placed in between the planted plants, adhering to the original design.

Landing for summer flowering carried out in late May - early June, when the spring plants have faded, and the threat of frost has passed.The basis of such plants are annuals with a low resistance to low temperatures.Before precipitation hardening and grow them in a greenhouse.In the summer planting schemes also include

tender perennials - fuchsias, geraniums and dahlias.

for flower beds decoration use one, two and perennial ornamental plants.Pick them up so that the flowering lasted from early spring to late autumn.

distance between plants and planting depth depends on the type of plant chosen for this type of plantations.The main purpose of the landing - to create during flowering uniform color effect, covering the whole flower bed.The implementation of this plan depends on the quality selected plants.

Plants planted in the planned place, leaving a distance, so that during flowering, they completely covered the surface of the beds between them.

spring planting of plants, including bulbs, plan carefully, so that they bloom at the same time.The timing and duration of flowering should align in advance.Annuals with summer flowering period can be grown on a bed by spring planting in open ground.