Vaccination handle

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Ways handle vaccinations are many, but the most common and relatively simple in the performance are as follows:

- Easy kopulirovka (vpriklad);

- improved kopulirovka (with the "tongue");

- the bark;

- in splitting.

The first two methods are used when the diameter of the scion and rootstock are the same.When

If the cuttings are too dry, they should be wrapped in a wet cloth and keep on ice, and hold strongly over-dried for 2-3 hours in a bucket of water, after refreshing the lower section.If cuttings eyes turned green, which is not sufficient when stored in a cold place, by grafting sometimes useful lubrication of small garden putty.She gluing and reducing evaporation of the kidneys, delaying their development, which contributes to a good survival rate of vaccination.

• Vaccinations: 1 - kopulirovka simple 2 - kopulirovka improved,

3 in splitting, 4 - the bark, 5 in the side desperately, 6 - budding

diameter rootstock larger diameter graft cuttings, then vaccinated "for usebark "or" splitti

ng ".


Kopulirovka held dormant in the winter or spring before bud burst.On the scion and rootstock are doing the same long oblique cuts, and in doing so the scion cut to a bud at the top of the opposite side of the medium

.The bark of the rootstock and scion at their combination must be the same.Often kopulirovku do better when the top third of the sections rootstock and scion do slivers (tabs) and combine the grafting of the inserting splitting the stalk in the splitting of the stock.

Vaccination in the side desperately

it is carried out often in the crown of the tree branch.In carrying out this vaccine make the side branch desperately bark and wood.It is inserted into the stalk, cut dihedral wedge.

Vaccination for "bark»

It is applicable for both the more subtle, and for quite a thick rootstocks.Bark raise only one side of the cut, so that the plane of naked wood will have the form of a triangle, t. E. More raised top crust than at the base.The lower part of the stalk cut oblique cut, then it makes the saddle.On the opposite side of the bevel remove the upper peel bark, stem inserted into the incision and tied with the stock.The upper part of the stalk and the end of the stock stump daubed garden pitch.

Grafting "vpriklad»

When her performing cutting prepared in the same manner as in the vaccination of bark or kopulirovkoy, and on the stock, and cut off horizontally, make a side cut (the crust with a piece of wood) of the same size as the cross-section of the handle.For a better fusion of the handle sometimes make the cut in the top of the saddle-shaped cut-out.

Winter vaccination

It accelerates the growing of fruit seedlings.Obtaining age as apples, pears, cherries, plums reduced by a year.Yes, and the procedure of vaccination is carried out in winter, when a lot of free time in a comfortable environment, with the clean table.

to wake rootstocks for 8-10 days, and cuttings for 1-2 days before vaccination to make room-temperature room.Cuttings and grafting rootstocks before washed rootstocks trunks cut at 5 cm above the root collar.Plant the way to improved kopulirovki.If the diameter is smaller than the diameter of the cutting of the stock, it is necessary to vaccinate way "vpriklad".For the best fusion graft and place instilling

ki dipped in molten wax, which prevents desiccation of cuttings.

Grafted plants are placed in boxes with moist sawdust and stratified within 2-2.5 weeks at a temperature of +20 ... + 25 ° C.After the fusion graft and callus formation of plant boxes are transferred to a landing in a cool cellar at a temperature of -1 ... 6 ° C.

planted graft spring beds prepared, and it is better to grow seedlings of winter inoculations in the greenhouse.

Vaccination "in splitting»

This rootstock is cut horizontally and at its center is split into a depth of 1.5-2 cm, which is inserted into the cut on the stem wedge or two of the cutting insert on both sides to split.Thus it is necessary to bark cuttings coincided with bark rootstock.

Care grafted plants

Later all vaccinees (one way or another) young plants develop from the crown of the graft, and all the shoots that appear below the inoculation place, removed.The following spring, check budding.If the kidney graft buds Ms

Vai, then make pruning a stock "on thorn", that is 10-15 cm above the inoculation site.Escape, growing from grafted kidney, tied up to the first spike, then, as it grows, tie to the specially designed peg.All shoots below the inoculation place removed as they become available.In the second half of July removed the thorn, cutting off his "on the ring."By the end of the summer of the grafted kidney develops annual shoots 70-100 cm in height.

have grafted cuttings start to grow, as a rule, several buds.Of these, one is selected, the most developed escape, from which grows by the fall of one-year seedling.

During the summer, spend loosening, weeding, watering and feeding.