Conifers also grafted

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants


is the most common method of grafting conifer crops since it quick and easy to carry.

Technique budding common: kidney (sleep eye) is cut so as to capture a small part of the escape timber, and then on the bark of rootstock is a T-shaped incision and using a spatula okulirovochnogo knife made the separation of bark from the wood, where, and is inserted into the shield with the kidney.

Care budding is timely loosening and removing povyaz

ki, as well as the gradual shortening of the stock shoots.

successful fusion of grafting depends mainly on the time of inoculation and the weather conditions.The best time for budding conifers need to recognize the spring - end of April - beginning of May.In this case, the accretion of the scion with the stock is very important to the scion cuttings were slightly retarded as compared with the stock.Otherwise, rapid budding graft can lead to wilting it as if still not coming accretion scion dies from not

affluence of water.Therefore, the cuttings for graft

ing are cut in advance and stored in the cold.

Vaccination handle

best as possible vaccinations: the spring from April 15 to May 15 and summer from 10 July to 5 August.

Cuttings of 7-10 cm in length are cut from the final shoot large lateral branches.For spring grafting cuttings produce cut flowers in April for 10-15 days before the start of vaccination.Cut the cuttings are placed in a package peresloiv their sawdust or moss, and stored in a snowy shoulder, nestled on top of a layer of sawdust.And fresh cut suit is black

ki.For years vaccination suitable exclusively fresh cut cuttings.Planted them immediately after harvesting it is necessary, as in 3 hours the survival rate drops dramatically.

most common way to use "in the cleft."Moreover, grafted on to rootstock splitting made at the top of the shoot like a remote terminal bud, and without removing it.

More grafting conifers there is the method of "core to the cambium."In this case the handle of the scion is cut pine needles, make a long oblique cut through the core, while the rootstock, stepping back a few centimeters from the apical bud is removed and cleaned needles bark, exposing the cambium.It is important to make cuts in the scion and the rootstock of the same length.If you can not pick up the scion and the rootstock of the same diameter, it is necessary to properly combine the sections with at least one hand.Pref tightly tied to the rootstock.Once grafted cuttings show signs that he is caught, the apical bud of the stock is removed.