Monochrome garden

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Street Flowers

Monochrome, or monochrome, a garden with a predominance of one color stands out among the various forms of Flower complicated game of colors and overall completeness of colors.Such compositions, built on playing with one color, require a delicate taste and perfectly thought-out composition.A successful combination of flowering periods can be achieved that the plain garden will delight you with their blooms from spring to autumn.

recommended to create a stepped composition monochrome garden, the plants were raised in tiers from front to back the plan.

Sadiq may consist of three tiers (steps).The first tier (foreground) occupy low plants, flowering from late April to late May.They are planted in small groups of 15-30 bulbs.Early spring plants wither sooner and lose decorative, so they need to create a background of perennial groundcover plants that are growing, shut down after the empty withered plant sites.Pochvopo-blooded plants at the same time does not interfere with the spring flowering plants melko

lukovichnyh next year.The second tier - the widest.It is filled srednerosloe annual and perennial plants with flowers and inflorescences coloring required.Planting is carried out in the form of nests of 3-5 units.Flowering of the second tier should occur in June and July.The third tier is formed of tall flowering plants, and it serves as a backdrop for

total composition.Flowering of the third tier should occur in June-September, so plant it should be matched with different flowering period.A huge variety of flowering plants and their wealth of colors allow you to create a variety of floral arrangements.

White garden is light and airy with a spring to autumn.To create it you can use the following plants: white hionodoksa, bluebell, lily of the valley, snowflake, anemone, primroses, white muscari, hyacinth, white tulips, white fritillarii, daffodils (spring), daisies, white pansy, Arctotis, dimorfoteka, alyssum, Iberis, petunia, sweet tobacco, baby's breath, gillyflower, lily, white delphinium, peonies, snapdragons, sweet peas, dried flowers (ammobium and akroklinium), white annual and perennial asters, white poppies, phlox, fizastegiya, chrysanthemum, daisy, carnation Turkey, Astilbe, clove feathery, Aquilegia, various kinds of bells.

bring an extra touch to the white garden silvery foliage of some ornamental plants, which can be a silver-white, silver or blue steel.These plants can be wormwood, chickweed, stahis, Veronica gray, ANAPHALIS MARGARITACEA, Arabis.

Blue garden is particularly romantic, clean, and praised the French.The richest variety of shades of the most interesting blue tone.It is rarely found in nature and among crop plants.Blue composition can be created from stsil-ly, hlonodoksy, muscari, crocuses, hyacinths, nezabudok, nemofily, Nigella Damascus, Jasione Montana, Bruner broadleaf, bells of various kinds, delphinium, feverweed, vallenberii, erigeron, bush and novobelgiyskoy aster, annual aster,omfaloidesa, salvia, konvolvulyusa, phacelia, ageratum, lobelia, petunia, cornflowers, tsinoglassuma, anhuzy, aquilegia, blue varieties of irises, blue aconite, pansies.

Pink garden, pure and gentle, extraordinarily beautiful on the background of a lawn or hedge.To create it you can use hyacinths, pink tulips, pink crocus, primrose, phlox styloid as a groundcover (and Armero), Cosmo, pansies, godetsiyu, daisies, Clark, lavateru, fizastegiyu, snapdragons, foxglove, malope, clovesChinese, feathery, Turkish, petunia, sweet tobacco, loosestrife, strong, gillyflower, soapwort, Monarda, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, perennial and annual aster, pink varieties of irises, aquilegia, Astilbe, rose, pink clematis, sweet peas, pink varieties of lilies,phlox, pink varieties of poppy, peonies, echinacea purpurea.

Yellow-orange garden create unusually bright sunny spot in your garden, emitting a strong positive energy.To create such an island of sun suit yellow crocus and rare varieties of yellow hyacinths, primroses, daffodils, yellow and orange tulips, grouse, evening primrose, el-Scholz, nasturtium, calendula, marigolds, snapdragons, coreopsis, zinnias, Ursino, Hai-Lardy,Ligularia, loosestrife, helenium, ores, Bequia, sunflower yellow and cream annual aster, chrysanthemum, goldenrod, yellow wallflowers, wallflower, yarrow, iris, lily, daylily, kochia, sunflower, mullein, dahlias, HELIOPSIS, yellow varieties of pansies.Additional charm of sunny yellow Sadiku give light yellowish cloud cuff colors.

you can create a monochrome garden any dominant tone.It is only necessary to choose carefully and build the plant.