And the garden needs a Cardin

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Whoever he was able to grow seedlings, and certainly want to create your garden.If he would have marketable value, will have to solve even a whole lot of problems - choose a place to prepare the ground, choose the layout and shape of the crown, to develop a system of weed control, fertilization and irrigation, and then plant protection system from pests and diseases, frost.We'll have to think about the organization of cleaning crews, construction of shops on processing, storage and so on. D.

Those who decide to link their fate with gardening, it will teach the whole fruit on the faculties of agricultural colleges and universities.When you have finished learning, you will be able to demonstrate their knowledge in the organization of commercial production of fruits and berries.Unfortunately, not everything will depend on you.A significant role is played by a common culture of the whole society and each individual's representative.Undoubtedly, the main lever of development of any country is the economy, b

ut should be a lever in the hands of people of high culture.

authors of this booklet would very much like you to think about it, when you - the head of the enterprises' possible, enthusiasts will come with a proposal to take the empty corners of the territory of the plant under the garden plantings.We remembered and took an active part in the establishment of the factory orchard.

We would very much like to see you did not build chemical plant in close proximity to places such as Yasnaya Polyana with its orchard, did not agree to divide the city park with a dance floor in a garden belonging to the once Tchaikovsky cityVotkinsk.We would like to see, being on your own or someone else's will in places such as Konstantinov, Zakharov Karabikha, Melikhovo, you certainly would have helped restore the gardens associated with the names of the sons of the great Russia.We would like you to, if it is within your power, were able to save from destruction gardens experimenters and enthusiasts like Upitis in Lithuania strongholds horticulture, like the Archangel in Zaostrovye and Nikolsky in the Vologda region, disappeared on the border 60 - 70's, at the behest of local authorities.We would

like if it will depend on you, so that you no tape isolated suitable land for horticultural associations, but at the same time not to rush to sign permission for the placement of these partnerships in places such as, for example, the field of Borodino.

still a student, one of the authors of this book once deep rainy autumn was in Borodino.The famous field just finished digging up potatoes.Get close to many of the monuments could only hybrids pretty sticky loam.But you can, keeping the memory of the great national feat, not .kartoshku plant on the site of a fierce battle, and beat a beautiful garden.Of course, it mattered that the field of historical monument, it should be kept exactly as what was in the day of battle.But sites and track them as time and can be arranged with the help of fruit trees characteristic decorative forms.The problem stands - to emphasize and reinforce the symbolism, to create a particular mood, evoke specific feelings on the approach to the historic site.Like any other museum exhibition, at the battle of Borodino field must be a kind of input that can be made in the likeness of the famous Arc de Triomphe, built in honor of the victory.Only the "building blocks" will serve as the trees, the crown of which is formed corresponding manner.As you probably remember, the main monument is located on a hill.Now imagine that the slopes of the rise in terraces planted with fruit trees.They give the impression of a drop-down flow of water: spring Blanker, emerald-green in summer, autumn amber-gold.To humble diminutive obelisk is a narrow path lined with fruit trees, formed a cordon on the principle of vertical or horizontal, single-stage cordon.For higher obelisk approach can be issued two to three-tiered cordon.To hide the dismal picture on the way to the monument, the track can be expanded and framed on the sides and wavy high net cordons of pear or apple, pie kandelyabrovoy and palmettes.At the site directly from the obelisks, depending on their size can be placed trees, formed in small vases or grace-cups.

By solemn monument walkway leads from the candlesticks with candles.This form is particularly easy to manage on pear and apple trees with a pyramidal crown.

sad mood will create apple trees, mountain ash, cherry with a weeping crown.On the field with the help of fruit trees and imagination you can recreate some scenes from the past.For example, a plant in the form of a winged pyramid would symbolize the bivouac tents, beds of tuberous begonias among them - fires.By placing squares and rows of columnar spurovye varieties with fruits of different colors, you can achieve a visible perception of the square and ranks of infantry belonging to different regiments.Where once were the trenches and were protective flushes, trees can be planted on the "Taganrog boat" system.Thus they will be designated places particularly fierce battles.Picking breeds and varieties with bright colored leaves of autumn, it would be possible to form a crown in the form of their stlantsev.Interesting palmette with one or two skeletal branches.Very impressive might be palmettes on sea buckthorn, felt cherries, quince Japanese.In general, the garden really need your Cardin, able to simulate the shape of garden plants as a talented and inventive, as the famous French master models new clothing designs.

Fig.Terrace with a monument

Create shaped gardens are now a proven technology allows the preparation of multicomponent seedlings with a strong root system of clonal slaboroslyh insert reliable trunk and skeletoobrazovatelem.Enough wide variety of grades and with a relatively high level of hardiness and fruit multicolor palette.

To form the crown growers are not only a knife and shears.The complex of agricultural practices, non-surgical intervention.Many in the formation can be achieved by making the shoots of a provision in the space -.. Procrastination, bending, struts, etc. By the way, the use of these techniques is not only directed to the formation of the crown, but also to earlier fruiting.

At the time, trees, long time coming into fruition - to hang on the ends of branches broken pots, torn sandals and other vyshed-

Fig.Wavy cordon Fig.Net cordon

Fig.Kandelyabrovaya palmet

Fig.Weeping Fig crown shape.Winged pyramid

Fig.Krasnoyarsk double-arm stlanets

Fig.Melons stlanets

Fig.Palmetta Lepage

Chiyah obsolete items.Under the weight of the branches take a horizontal position, the kidneys were differentiation, and they laid the beginnings of inflorescences.

Some methods of formation developed in ancient times, the major described and used in practice in the XIX century.In Germany, Gaucher created, shaped garden on the Dresden international exhibition in 1887.Write them a guide, and published in Russian, has not lost its importance at the present time.Many modern scholars introduced and suggested the use of physiologically active substances that stimulate or, conversely, hindering growth.For example, you can moisten a cotton swab with one of these drugs, put it to escape and get the last deviate from the original direction of growth, speed up or slow down the pace of development, earlier than usual finish line shoot growth, but lateral buds awakened, call its branching.In this case, could assist and insects.I noticed, for example, raspberry, apical point that damage insect escape neurite growth causes intensive lateral branches 2.3, which have time to acquire and freeze quenching.Escape takes the form of trees.Artificial trimming the tops often leads to the fact that the lateral branches do not stop in time to growth and freeze slightly.

Imagine, if you use the services of such insect (harmless to the crop), you can have a cheap cost, environmentally-friendly technology to the formation of the crown.But now it's only Project, the direction of finding a solution to the problem.And there are probably other ways, known to physicists, chemists, engineers, 54

but, unfortunately, unknown gardener.Generally armed with modern technology as a scientific and practical gardening is very low.Here, creativity unlimited field of activity.

Remember, we talked to you about packaging seedlings?We need a processor that would perform this procedure.And take appropriate planter.Let's create such a machine, plant a garden.But you can imagine what it turn into just one year, if you do not take care of the soil.Modern science and practice of trying to solve this problem in different ways.For example, the entire free area seeded with special herbs and periodically give way them crushed and scattered here as mulch and green manure.Periodically, the entire surface of the soil is treated with herbicides, inhibit the growth of competing plants, but not harmful to fruit trees.Systematically treated soil relevant instruments - cultivators, cutters, discs.Explore different tools to tillage approached as close as possible to the tree, ensuring that a weed area was minimal.Combine these three ways: under the canopy of the soil is treated with mechanical tools, in most trunks suppress weeds with herbicides, aisle seeded grasses gave way and them.

you want to offer something different?Maybe in the packaging of the upper part of seedlings is not only network but also in the light-tight film?Then, plant a sapling, cut the film into two wings and drop cloth on the ground, and that the film remained lying on the ground, it is pressed against the network, the edges of which pin to ground pins.You can film lying zamulchirovat layer of soil, peat, humus, finely divided bark (wastes of forest processing industry) and similar inert material that does not contain weed seeds.In this way, the content of soil under the canopy it is better to retain moisture, useful microflora, rational consumption of batteries, effective weed control, and indeed environmentally cleaner technology.

for the life of the plants need moisture.Developed and used a variety of ways of watering from the make-up of underground irrigation to drip when the moisture reserves in the soil replenished as it is consumed, and the water is supplied through a dropper, until elementary irrigation.When choosing how to take into account the sensitivity of varieties to scab, economical water consumption, the risk of soil salinization and so on. D. In what direction would be to look for the best option?Perhaps we should think about how to spend more economical moisture into the soil during rainfall and snowmelt.For example, it would be possible to produce a network of cancellous Coarse yarns can absorb large amounts of water.In the autumn of the network spread out in the garden.

While little moisture, they retain their usual form.In the spring the snow starts to melt, the strands absorb the melted water, swell, cells are reduced, the water penetrates through them into the soil.But the rapid flow of water does not occur from the site.During the summer, the moisture gradually from a network of threads goes into the soil.Of course, while this is only a fantasy, but suddenly someone from you and will be able in the future to create such a network!Or to develop a different way of providing fruit plants with moisture, and will try to make the process was close to natural.High yields

all usually associated with high doses of fertilizers, including mineral.This point of the debate is not always justified.Argued the merits of a single application of fertilizers to large Dezamy multiple fractional.Due to the nitrate problem and turned the debate on forms of fertilizer.A certain consensus there is, perhaps, only in the timing of fertilizer application, the so ... "Argue scientists argue and practices, argue environmentalists, people argue, is harmful, harmless to our galaxy this nasty shtratkmy nitrogen?"

Great value for clean products in recent years attached to the use of zeolite capable when applied to the soil to absorb it from salts of heavy metals, bind and accumulate a variety of batteries, and so that gradually they are again available to plants.This property is called zeolite ability to prolong the action of fertilizers.As you can see, becoming a geologist, an employee of the mining industry, you can also influence the development of horticulture ka,

opening such minerals (useful in the nursery), as perlite and vermiculite, and now and zeolite, adjusting their industrial production for agriculture.

pruning and other methods of the questions we have already touched on, talking about horticulture, shaped.They are developed taking into account the variety and age, planting schemes, method of cultivation, harvest and so on. D., And applied also considering the individual characteristics of a particular tree.

Among Soviet scientists who have devoted their talents and development work of many theoretical gardening issues, including pruning theory is indisputable authority of Professor Peter Genrikhovich Shittu.His role in the national horticultural science can be compared with the role of DI Mendeleev in the development of chemistry.These are the stars of approximately equal size.But in the theory and practice of pruning fruit crops it was another star, smaller in scale, but is incredibly bright, light and, unlike the usually cool stars, warm.This - the candidate of agricultural sciences Boris Nikiforovich Anzin.Not only the highest professional in the field of his scientific specialty, but also a great teacher - are not simple to understand the laws of subordination of the various elements of the tree crown in his explanation digested surprisingly easily and securely.

course, modern agronomist, grower and garden work teams need to know the laws and principles of the manual pruning.Not easy and not an easy thing - the garden pruning, because it has to be carried out in unstable weather, March and April.However, the aid is mobilized equipment capable of cutting spending "on a path" - to cut all that above, for example, 3.5 meters, ie at the height of the cutting unit location.Just at a certain distance from the axis of a series of shortened roll laterally - the machine as it cuts through the corridor among the trees.This is not a bury, but still better than leaving the gardens without any holy pictures.

This problem has another aspect - how to deal with srezan-- NOY part branches (as, indeed, and in general with the uprooted trees).The currently used method, unworthy of a civilized society: the uprooted plants or cut some of their parts, catching fertile soil, shifted to the edge of the field or, Hook, in the center of it, sometimes the next gully.Here the branches to dry and become breeding grounds for many pests.After some time, plant debris burning, consuming significant resources fuels and causing considerable damage to the natural environment.Abroad, created the technology of the car and remove the trees without damaging the soil, the transformation of wood into chips, suitable for the manufacture of furniture, or other purposes.You - the closest to the organizers of the life in the country will benefit from these developments, or come up with something different and original.By the way, wood apple, pear very valuable and interesting ornamental material.

But, of course, the garden does not grow in order to get from him

wood.We need apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, cherries, quince, tangerines and lemons, persimmons, walnuts and hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds, fruit still many, many fruit crops - a valuable food product, also has a verya strong influence on our emotions, the psyche has one of its kind.Turning fruit in the human diet produces moderately high-calorie food, rich in flavor, aromatic palette, vysokovitaminnuyu.The substances contained in the fruit, improve metabolism in the human body, contribute to easier absorption of other food, prevent the development and contribute to the treatment of many diseases.