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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Flowers For Open Soil

lily family.

Herbaceous perennials;leaves long, fine, ovate to lopatkoobraznoy form, green, blue, gray or golden, white and variegated;leafless flower stalks, inflorescence racemose, usually one-sided, flowers funnel-shaped or bell-infundibular;Fruit - triangular box.♦ Hosta wavy leaves of up to 20 cm long, ovate-oblong, margin strongly undulating with alternating white and green areas;flowers are pale purple.

Zibolda ♦ Hosta Leaves up to 30 cm long, heart-shaped, gray, flower stalks are short, flowers, lavender or pale purple.Host lantsetolistiaya * Leaves to 25 cm long, oblong-lanceolate, dark green, flower stalks are high, up to 95 cm, numerous flowers, dark purple or blue-purple;Flowers in July - August.It forms a "cushion" of leaves.Host plantaginaceae * Leaves to 40 cm long, ovate-rounded, yellowish-green, flower stalks up to 105 cm tall, the flowers are tubular, almost white;blooms in August.It forms a large "cushion" of leaves, towering over the flower garden.Hosta Leaves Fortune * golden-varie

gated, are collected in the "cushion", the flower stalks are high, there are a variety of garden forms: Form Albopikta - irregularly shaped leaves with dark green edges, a pale lavender flowers;Form Auremargina - mauve flowers.Relatively unpretentious (they can only grow in temperate latitudes)

humidity requirements: heat and light requirements: frost resistant, but in the winter needs a coating of mulch close to the roots of bedding surface, die from overheating;It grows best in partial shade and shade (in the south - only in the shade).

to soil requirements: prefers acidic loam;responsive to fertilizer.

Propagation: division of rhizomes (spring) and cuttings (cuttings are rooted at high humidity).

Features: durable, in one place can grow up to 10 years under the condition of the soil in order to avoid baring podsypaniya rhizomes.

Usage: under trees, in mixborders and the curb, at least - in the Alpine and rocky gardens.