Cut old trees

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Pruning old trees (for BN Anzin)

During this period, the growth of trees weakened - year increase is reduced to the length of 25-30 cm This is a signal for the gardener -. To begin to rejuvenate the tree and the main goal pruning -cause increased growth and reduce the number of fruiting points, thereby reducing the number of fruits in the crop year.For this purpose, all the branches are cut to a one-year gain of any side-annual branches in the upper part of the 2-year growth.Where cut - will tell the tree itself: it must be noted on the branch of a strong growth area and leave the younger generation, and that rises above it, remove it.

The old trees is carried out so-called sanitary pruning removing branches drooping to the ground, asthey prevent soil for care and, because they are in the shade, are unproductive.Make also thinning, removing branches, reaching inwards crowns, interwoven, the friction.They cut "on the ring" or "on the side chain branching."But remember, it is better to cut a large bra

nch, than many small ones.

Strengthening growth contributes to the scrap 3-5-7-year-old wood of branches, which significantly increased growth (the so-called zone of "retreating growth") or to the side branch, which was formed on the strong (over 40 cm) branch.Rejuvenate also poluskeletnye and old fruit of their education by shortening ( "chasing").

When rejuvenation of old wood it is advisable to go for a two-step pruning, in which in the first year make hard pruning on long-term timber half (by volume) of the crown.After trimming it should be a height of about 3 m and a width of about 2 m. The next year, roughly 50% of the crop grown after the "tops" cut "in the ring", and the remaining form the crown.After 3-4 years, when there will come to fruition, "Gyroscope" rejuvenate the other half of the tree.Rejuvenating pruning well be combined with rejuvenation of the roots (so-called "correlation pruning the roots").For this crown trimmed by a distance of 2-3 m from the trunk dripped trench width and a depth of about 60 cm, while appearing to sever roots.Then the trench is filled with soil mixed with organic and mineral fertilizers.Trench better dig in late autumn (late October) in the year prior to a rejuvenation pruning.

Large branches should be cut out piece by piece in order to avoid tearing, first inscription branches below, then on the stump - the top and remove the branch.Then saw out the stump as it should be - "in the ring", clean cut with a knife and paint over garden pitch (can be clay, clay).Unusual advice.When pruning shears thick branches it is necessary to slightly bend in the direction of the cut, which will reduce the effort for cutting branches.

should also ensure that the same level and close the trunk there were no major injuries from trimming - this can weaken the tree.From tops, which may appear on an old tree, it is necessary to form new branches.They will serve as a replacement for the old one.

On older trees are often found hollow.This is due to the fact that they have done wrong pruning leaving the stump, and not "on the ring."In this case, the stump dries, and then rot and the result is a hollow.In this case, it is necessary to clean the dust out of the hollow to the healthy tissue, disinfect with a solution of copper sulfate, and then the hollow can be filled with cement mortar.