Equipment room for compost

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

to convert the accumulated material in high quality compost you need a place where it will occur this process.The size of the place for the compost depends on the area of ​​land in the amount of the needs of compost and other objective and subjective factors.The location of the compost should be slightly shaded and protected from the wind, on a large plot it is advisable to connect the tiled paths platform for composting with the house and the beds so the house could regularly make waste, but to the garden beds to deliver compost in a wheelbarrow, not soiled even in bad weather.On the other hand, the platform on which lay directly compost should have contact with the soil, soil micro-organisms that have not been

composting area in the garden with three compost piles;on the south side planted tall trees that hide the area and provide shade in the heat of the day

place equipment for compost

place for the compost to be shaded and protected from the wind, it is necessary to make possibleavoid ha

rd impact of atmospheric phenomena searing wind and the sun.At the same time a completely windless place for composting are also not suitable due;hudsheniya raw ventilation.

Designed under the compost site should be uhtatochno spacious as the collection and pre-processing of raw materials require space.For example, grass, foliage,

green garden waste into compost before laying must be dry, for this they need to be spread out thinly in the sun.composting site should be strong, it is best to tiles or stone.It is very practical, since it greatly facilitates cleaning.The presence of the three branches is the best to work with raw materials and compost.With a lack of natural shade for containers with compost, you can plant a tree, shrub or a tall flowers, which will give the necessary shade and decorate a platform for compost

Possible forms of creating a compost heap

1. formless compostbunch.

2. compost pile in the form of a trapezoid with the recess on the top-L4 irrigation compost.

3 - Compost pile of pyramidal shape with a canopy, such facilities for composting are usually used in large farms with a sufficient level of mechanization

construction of compost made of round logs

Construction compost brick

Construction of compost from the boards, it is possible to use material recycling


detached from the environment, and has always had the opportunity to go back there.There are many options for compost storage, ranging from simple compost pile to ready termokomposterami factory, you can also build your own shoulder for compost made of wood or a brick of any convenient size and configuration.Traditionally, composting vault made of round logs, stacked with a gap, or timber.The upper timber is not fixed, and can be easily removed by stirring or removing compost.The gaps between the logs are used for ventilation of the compost.For a better safety to prevent rotting wood and it is recommended to treat non-toxic wood preservatives.In any case it is advisable to place compost had three separate divisions or sections: one for the collection and storage of kitchen and garden waste, the second - for the compost in the preparation stage, the third - for the finished compost, which can be selected and make a garden culture.