Events in composting

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

One of the main events in composting is a regular check humidity compost and, if necessary

his moderate moisture.If excessive accumulation of moisture due to heavy and frequent rains, or are close to the surface of the ground water may occur the phenomenon of stagnation and decay processes, accompanied by the release of unpleasant smells.On the other hand, the presence of water with nutrients dissolved in it is a prerequisite for the successful decomposition process, and if the moisture content of the compost is below the threshold 25%, the expansion stops.In the process of decay is a constant increase in water consumption, which must be replenished, or thicker in the compost can happen so-called combustion, which resulted in an extreme case it is possible defeat by a fungus infectious material.In the hot summer with prolonged absence of rain is necessary to water the compost.It is better to use rain water, it can also be dissolved in her organic fertilizer, poultry manure or manure, so that togeth

er with water to make into compost and additional nutrients.To check the degree of humidity is enough to squeeze a handful of compost tightly in his hand.If the water appears clear, the compost is too wet, if the substance falls apart - the compost dry.Compost having optimum moisture resembles damp sponge: it does not disintegrate in the hand, but acts in compression minor amount of water.Another important event in composting is a periodic perebivki compost, necessary to ensure a constant flow of air.For some time after laying the material in his compost layers begin to shrink and the volume of air in the thickness of the raw material is sharply reduced.It can

disrupt metabolism and anaerobic processes of putrefaction.In addition, a limited access of oxygen decomposition process takes place without, the self-regulated and bad, which can lead to undesirable losses of nitrogen.Produce cutaways should regularly, at least once or twice a week.Day of the fork or hoe should loosen the top layer of compost and turn over it, providing access air.Periodically, it should also produce a better mixing of the material.