Arnica mountain

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Medicinal Plants And Herbs

Arnica montana.

protected plants!It grows in meadows, glades, on edges of forests as well as sub-alpine mountain meadows.

Description:. Perennial shrub 30-60 cm rhizomes are reddish-brown in color, from the lower side of which depart numerous thin roots.Radical leaves

6-8, they are oblong, dark green, form a rosette.Stem leaves lanceolate, small, opposite.Marginal flowers in a basket reed, sterile, bright yellow, the median - tubular, bisexual, yellow.Fruits - dark gray achene, pappus provided with about 7 mm in length.

blooms in June and July, the fruit ripens in August and September.

Ingredients: flower baskets contain traces of essential oil, which includes ase-linen, and a mixture of two sesquiterpenes triterpendi-ods.In the flowers found choline, betaine, resins, carotenoids, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid and other substances.Rhizome contains a volatile oil, resin, wax, gum and bitter substances.

Cultivation: sunny areas, moist soil from calcareous to neutral.During the dry season requi

res watering and application of liquid containing no impurities fertilizer.young seeds in rows at a distance of 30 cm. It can also reproduce by self-seeding Sowing in spring next year.

collection: baskets harvested at the beginning of flowering - in June and July, breaking off manually in dry weather, after the dew fall.The roots dug in the autumn, in September, after the dissemination of the plant.The collected materials are dried in the shade, spreading a net on a thin layer of litter.

Medicinal properties: anti-inflammatory, choleretic, hemostatic, and antirheumatic effects.For external use is used as an ointment for sprains, bleeding, to accelerate wound healing.The medicine is also used alcohol tincture of the dried flower baskets as a choleretic and krovoosta-pours means.Especially effective tincture of arnica with internal bleeding.Arnica promotes the resorption of hemorrhages.Allergic reactions are possible with hypersensitivity to the drug, manifested in skin rashes, itching and burning.

Application: arnica has a beneficial effect on the healing process when

skin lesions, is used to create a number of cosmetic products.