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addition to the basic elements of the supply of fertilizers come in small quantities boron, copper, molybdenum, zinc, other trace elements. Fertilizers, in which they are key players nutrients, called microfertilizers. They are produced in the form of powders, granules, tablets, include the mixed fertilizer, make a foliar application, and is used for pre-treatment of seeds.Micronutrient fertilizers contain micronutrients need

plants which increases with increased doses of organic and mineral fertilizers.Thus, the introduction of large amounts of phosphorus fertilizers increases the need for zinc, potash - in boron, nitrogen - in copper and manganese, lime and soil - in boron and manganese fertilizers.To make up for them in the soil using different kinds of micronutrients. Boric include boron fertilizer superphosphate (20% P and 0.2% boron), bormagnievoe fertilizer (2,25 % boron and 14% of magnesium oxide) and boric acid (17,1-17,3% boron).Boric make superphosphate in the spring presowing plow

ing at 0.3-0.35 kg per 10 m2 and boric acid (0.02-0.04% - solution) is used for foliar feeding of plants and preplant seed treatment. Brass fertilizer.As the use of these fertilizers pyrite cinders containing about 0.2-0.3% copper.On peat soils make them fall or spring for 15-20 days before planting at 0.4-0.5 kg per 10 m2 (valid 4-6 years).For preplant seed treatment and foliar applied 0.02-0.05% - a solution of copper sulfate. Molybdenum fertilizers have a positive effect on podzolic and peat soils.Boost productivity, increase the protein content, chlorophyll, ascorbic acid, and vitamins.As the use of these fertilizers molybdenum superphosphate, containing 0.1-0.2% molybdenum.Contribute as a basic fertilizer or in rows. Manganese fertilizers play an important role in redox processes in plant respiration and photosynthesis.As the use of these fertilizers manganese sludge (from 9-15% manganese) and manganese superphosphate (2-3%) - for the main and row application.For foliar application and seed treatment use of manganese sulfate (21-22% Mn), taking 0.01-0.05% - solution. Zinc fertilizer needed for redox processes.The use of sulfur-kitty-ly zinc (25% zinc) as these fertilizers.Apply for foliar feeding of plants (0.01-0.02% - solution) and preplant seed treatment (0.05-0.1% - solution).

In the absence of micronutrients for the treatment of seeds can use wood ash, which contains more than 30 trace elements.In 1 liter of warm water dissolve 2 tbsp.l.wood ash and infused for days, stirring occasionally.Then filter the solution, and it was immersed in a gauze bag seeds.Seeds of onion and carrot stand 6, and the remaining vegetables -Zch ,.