Breeding strawberries

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Seed propagated varieties of small-fruited beardless remontant strawberries.They are propagated by dividing the bush and on the horns (annual education kidney, 3-5 leaves and adventitious roots).Most garden varieties large-fruited strawberry propagated mustache (mustache - it shoots, which are formed at the nodes of the socket, and after rooting the plants turn into seedlings).

When growing strawberries is very important planting time because of it depends largely on the value of the first harvest.

earlier in the season, will be planted seedlings, the more berries give the plant the following year.

In Moscow under normal conditions, the first outlet there on uterine bushes to the 15-20 of June.The process of rooting rosettes to give suitable to transplant seedlings of strawberries takes 3-4 weeks.Hence the determined earliest transplanting period - July 15-25.Therefore, the very first outlet most valuable and need to be root.

techniques that speed up and increase the overall usoobrazovanie multiplica

tion factor.

1. Removing stems from parent plants increases the yield of planting material by 25-30%.

(Remember that the processes of flowering and usoobrazovaniya in strawberries - antagonists Therefore: if you want to have more mustache - remove flower stalks Conversely. Want to have more berries - remove a mustache.).

2. Growing uterine plants preplant soil mulching and shelter light film also enhance this process due to the high temperature of the soil and air.At the same time for 10-12 days accelerates the formation of outlets and the number doubles.Uterine

3. Processing plant growth stimulants, such as drug gibersib (derived from gibberellic acid) leads to an increase in mass outlets several times.

4. Periodic separation of rosettes from parent plants also contribute to the emergence of new whiskers and sockets, ie,at the same time is a kind of process of "otdaivaniya".

These techniques alone or in combination grower may apply.Among the many ways to obtain seedlings of strawberries easiest - rooting rosettes, without separating them from the uterine bushes.They can perpetuate between rows on the ground, on a special substrate (with the addition of peat, sand) or pots.Pots mounted between the bushes strawberries, applied in the middle of the pot with a socket substrate, the substrate is maintained in a wet state and after 3-4 weeks the seedlings ready for transplantation.

seedlings quality depends largely on the life of its production: the earlier formed and take root socket, the more powerful will be seedlings.Standard seedling - a squat plant with 3-5 leaves, thick horn (not less than 1 cm in diameter) and length of fibrous roots 5-7 cm potted seedlings -. The best for planting on film mulch.