growth promoters

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

growth stimulants commonly referred to as a physiologically active substance that speeds up and at the same time regulate the metabolic processes in plants.There are many different types of drugs and growth stimulants.One of the best preparations are considered to be related to the humin group. Humic compounds, formed as a result of complex biochemical processes of decomposition of flora and fauna under the influence of a large group of microorganisms, moisture and atmospheric oxygen, widespread in nature.They are found in soil organic matter, determining their fertility.The basis of artificial stimulants are humic humic acid.Commercially available humic plant growth stimulants are obtained from natural raw materials treated with alkali (sodium and potassium humates).Applied also concentration and intensification of natural organic matter.Thus prepared, for example, universal humic stimulator "Gumiks".By the number of contributed material growth drugs are quite different from various organic fertili

zers - manure, compost and peat.

Humic preparations absorbed by the root system, speed up metabolism.This increases the speed capacity of the natural process of protein, especially protein enzymes.Effects of humic stimulants appears multifaceted.So, by soaking in a solution of stimulant seeds and tubers germination significantly increases, especially noticeable on the old seeds.When transplanting seedlings into the soil humic stimulants behave as good ukoreniteli, to the same and improved survival of seedlings - the plants form a powerful root system, enabling them to provide high-grade mineral nutrition.

highly responsive to application of humic stimulators cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and onions, radishes, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, sugar beets and chard, carrots.

best to use stimulants together with fertilizers. This dramatically increases the degree of utilization of mineral fertilizer plants.

Humic stimulants or mixed as solutions, or to pour the nitrogen, potash and organic fertilizers.But they should not be added to the phosphate fertilizers - formed poorly soluble compounds.Humic stamulyatory highly desirable to apply to the crops: fast growing, early bloom, have a juicy color of stems and leaves, and the yield is increased by an average of 15-30 %.

addition to simple yield increase, enlargement of fruits and accelerate the timing of their maturation significantly improves product quality: increased sugar content in the beet, vitamin content in apples and other fruits, reduces the content of nitrates in vegetables.Of particular note is the effect of humic substances on plants that have come to unfavorable external conditions: drought, frost, excess nitrogen in the soil or plant protection chemicals and oxygen starvation, various diseases.Generally, in extreme conditions, humic stimulants help plants adapt and survive.Once in the soil by watering or spraying humic stimulants arouse vital activity of soil microorganisms, as a result of accelerated expansion of plant protection chemicals and as a result, you get environmentally friendly products.This improves the soil structure, accelerates soil enriched with humus.All growth drugs have in its name the word "humic" and "humus" can be divided into two groups: 1 self-humic stimulators and 2 - substances containing gumi-HN.The latter, in fact, are organic fertilizers, compost the same, as well as a mixture of "Violet", preparations and products from sapropel worm activity.Such fertilizers are used in large amounts - up to 1 kg or more per 1 m2.Actually humic plant growth stimulants, firstly, highly soluble in water and give a brown or black intense staining solutions at high concentrations;Secondly, these promoters are used in the form of solutions with a very low concentration, a light brown color.Humic stimulants can be further divided into liquid and solid.Liquid (eg potassium-gu mat solution) sold in plastic or glass bottles.It is a concentrate containing the active ingredient 2-10 %. Such solutions are frozen but thawing restore properties.Their term of validity - for about a year.From the standpoint of convenience of use and storage advantages are granules and powder.