August 12, 2017 17:52 | Flowers For Open Soil

family Oleaceae.

Deciduous shrubs or trees;opposite leaves;inflorescence - panicle complex, which has an internal structure, flowers with tubular corolla with wide chetyrehlopastnym limb;Fruit - two-leaf box.Lilac Amur * Up to 15 m tall;strong trunk;Leaves vary from broadly to elongated;shirokometelchatye inflorescence up to 20 cm long, flowers to 0.6 cm in diameter, creamy white, aromatic;blooms in early June.Feature type - gas resistance plant, allowing it to grow in large industrial cities with adverse ecological conditions.Lilac Hungarian ♦ Up to 4.5 m tall;branches erect;shoots purple-violet;leaves up to 13 cm in length, ranging from broadly oblong to elliptic, often with sunken veins, in the summer - dark green, in autumn purple top, bottom - yellowish;inflorescence with distinct tiers, up to 30 cm long, flowers up to 1 cm in diameter, lilac-purple, fragrant;blooms in late May.Often used as a rootstock for other species of lilacs.Lilac Chinese * Shrub to 3.5 m tall;Crohn's almost spreading, arched

shoots droop;Leaves vary from uzkoyaytsevidnyh to ovate-lanceolate, top with a silky gloss;inflorescence paniculate, up to 50 cm long (sometimes more), flowers up to 2 cm in diameter, simple or double, purple buds, the opened flowers are red-purple (there are garden forms with white flowers);blooms in May.At very abundant flowering seeds do not form.

Syringa vulgaris Shrub ♦ 7 m vysotoy- leaves cordate or broadly-pointed;inflorescence paired, paniculate, to 18 cm long, flowers up to 1.2 cm in diameter, the color different in different varieties, fragrant;blooms in May.There are about 350 varieties.The most common varieties: "Joan of Arc" - double flowers, white;"Captain cobalt" - double flowers, pink;"From Kiev" - flowers are lilac-pink;"Congo" - flowers are purple-violet;"Dream" - flowers are blue or violet-blue;"Mont Blanc" - simple flowers, white;"Pink Cloud" - pink flowers and other Persian Lilac ♦ Shrub to 3 m tall;.crown shape close to round;leaves ovate-lanceolate, is a variety with delicate dissected leaves (her bush half);inflorescence paniculate, flowers up to 2 cm in diameter, purple or mauve, fragrant;Flowers 5 - 6 days later than common lilac.

relatively undemanding plant.Moisture Requirements: relatively drought-resistant plant (in hot dry weather does not perish, but may lose its decorative effect).

to heat and light requirements: winter-hardy, photophilous plant (in the shadow of flowers less abundantly).

to soil requirements: prefers loose fertile soil with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction.

Propagation: by seeds and by grafting on other types of lilac or privet (mid-July).

Features: needs annual pruning and cleansing the crown, removing overgrown.

use: gardens, flowering hedges.