August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

new species of plants - strawberry strawberry hybrids (zemklunika) inherited from the high winter hardiness of strawberry, muscat aroma of berries, erect, towering above the bushes, flower stalks (from 12 to 25 per plant) with a lot of flowers (250).Bushes hybrids well-leafy, tall, form a huge number of outlets.Ripe berries zemkluniki dry (mean transportable), they are easily separated from the bowl, which facilitates their collection and recycling.Berries dessert flavor during processing does not boil soft, give a fragrant dark-colored syrup.Yields from the bush varieties of Penelope, Muscat Biruliovsky, Hope Zagorje, Raisa, Diana, report, strawberry, candied nutmeg ranges from 200 to 450

The disadvantages of varieties zemkluniki include low weight berries (on average 6-18 g).

To improve zavyazyvaemost berries and, as a consequence, reduce the number of ugly and immature, flowering plants need to bow 0,3% solution of calcium nitrate.

In an experiment for the consolidation of the berries can be carri

ed out thinning of flowers.When zemkluniki bloom stalk 1-2 flower, it is necessary to remove the small side buds (diameter less than 6 mm), leaving a stalk not more than 10-15 flowers.

Culture strawberry strawberry hybrids will be successful with abundant power plants (in contrast to the moderate fertilizer varieties usual strawberry).Therefore, in addition to pre-plant refueling of soil organic and mineral fertilizers plants fed such fertilizers: superphosphate - 180 g per 10 liters of water with the addition of this amount of dressing (in mg) - potassium permanganate - 20, boric acid - 40, zinc sulphate - 2, sulfatecopper - 1, molybdenum-acidic ammonium - 0.3.Feeding give no more than once in 2 weeks, while consuming about 10 liters of solution per 1 m2.

effective organic fertilizer - mullein, chicken manure, etc., diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 10-15..It can be applied foliar application by spraying leaves 0.01-0.2% (1-20 g per 10 liters)

Grade zemkluniki Muscat Biruliovsky

zinc sulphate solution at the beginning of flowering and during growth of the ovaries, with a mixture of potassium permanganate, boricacid and ammonium molybdate in 0.2% concentration of each plant at the beginning of growth, 0.3% urea solution in August.