The practice of mulching

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recommended to mix heterogeneous mulching materials, so that they complement each other's properties.

organic mulching material should have a ratio of C: N, greater than 70: 1, to their process of decomposition was prolonged disintegration and sustained nutrient mineralization.

mulch cover should be a year-round, pulled out the weeds can be left directly on the surface of the mulch.

Mulching material before distributing them over the soil surface should be thoroughly milled, it increases the area of ​​contact with the particles and accelerates soil degradation and release nutrients.

Mulching heavy clay soils

Mulching clay soils requires patience because the results do not appear immediately, the first signs of improvement can be observed only in 3-4 years.Heavy soils it takes time to rebuild all its processes to the system a permanent mulch, but the outbreak of the restructuring will have a positive effect: soil structure becomes more airy, loose and lumpy soil enriched with humus.Mulching clay s

oil has a number of rules that will help to achieve better results.

was partially run-in to the soil before the mulch distribution layer carefully loosen the ground to the bottom layer of mulch.

thickness of mulch layer on clay soils need to increase gradually, updating it in small portions of the material.

mulch layer should not be thicker than 2 cm, or in case of insufficient ventilation and high humidity, especially during heavy rains can cause stagnation of decay of the lower layer of mulch.

Mulching clayey soils better dissimilar materials with different ratios of C: N ratio and particle size, fine material, such as grass clippings and leaves, must be mixed with coarser.

Since mulching heavy soils is the purpose of their thorough fertilizer and creating humus layer, particular care is necessary to refer to the regulation of the process of decomposition of mulch cover.For this to be adding mulch materials' organic fertilizers, bone and horn meal, decomposition catalysts, immature compost, rotted manure bedding to enhance the process of decomposition and soil fertilizer.

Creating a uniform mulch layer of organic material between the rows of crops helps to preserve soil moisture, eliminates drying and overheating of the soil, maintains its loose structure that complex stimulates the growth and development of crops.Particularly responsive to mulch all kinds of cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, celery, asparagus

spring for a quick warm-cold heavy soils mulchsloy better to remove and restore it after drying and warming of the soil.

When mulching the soil cover material, consider its features, from the thickness of the cover depends.Mulch cover should not cause soil compaction and anaerobic processes of putrefaction, which can occur due to hindered access of oxygen to the soil.

it should loosen the surface before applying the mulch on the soil surface layer.This is especially true of heavy soils.

Allocate winter, summer and term

mulching.These kinds of materials are different, the time of application to the soil, the required thickness of the layer and its intended use.

mulch layer suppresses weed growth, prevent their spread on the area of ​​the site and makes the weeding process is much less time consuming.The figure can be traced trends of growth and spread of weeds, depending on the thickness of the mulch layer.1. In the absence of the layer of mulch weeds occupy the 100% area of ​​the site.

2. With a thickness of 3 cm layer of mulch weeds apply only to 22% of the area.

3. mulch layer 5 cm inhibits the growth and spread of weeds up to 10%.

4. When the thickness of the mulch layer is more than 7 cm area of ​​the spread of weeds is reduced to 8%




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mulch, preventing rapid freezing of the soil in the case of early frosts, destructive to the soil microflora.In the spring the soil had collapsed under the mulch cover is loose, soft and easy to process



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shrubs often mulch garden paths, with a layer of mulch can be arbitrarily increased

circle of young trees rough durable mulch ensures a uniform soil moisture, eliminates temperature fluctuationsthat is beneficial to the healing seedlings