Forecasts weather in the middle lane ( on Devyatova AS and Makarevich AI )

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Some typical signs of environmental change in the nature, national signs, the behavior of animals, birds and pets, predicting:

Month Year

«good weather»

«bad weather»





Short-term forecasts

Red sun comes not in the cloud -day will be clear, frosty.The moon shines brightly at night or without the moon, the sky studded with bright stars - tomorrow will be a clear frosty day.

trees shrouded fluffy frost - tomorrow will be a clear frosty weather.If the crows perch on snow or trees head in different directions Tomorrow will be a calm day.Sparrows sitting in trees or buildings secret - will snow with no wind, and together raschirikalis - to thaw.Firewood oven hiss, smoke, bad light - warming

When the sun goes down in the red shimmering dawn, tomorrow will be the wind and frost.

If two rings around the moon and one dim - will be cold.Crows and ravens cry incessantly - is the snow and possibly blizzard.

Clouds go against the wind - t

o the snowfall.

If crows sit in one side of the head on a branch thicker and closer to the trunk of a tree - and will wind will blow from the direction in which the crows turned their heads.

firewood in the stove burning with a bang - frost

Long-term forecasts

Sparrows together collect feathers and down around chicken coops, insulated their shelter - a fewdays will come around very cold setting sun visible white circles, high poles or reflected several false suns - Set the bitter cold for a few days.

In January frequent snowfalls and snowstorms in July frequent rains.

If the snow on the trees branches will pursue its severity, will be a good harvest, and the bees will swarm well.Winter snow - summer rainy


Short-term forecasts

white light in the night - to thaw.The glass in the window frames steamed - will be warming.Indoor calla isolated water - coming soon thaw.Moon night blushed like - wait for tomorrow, wind, heat and snow.Ravens and crows perch on snow - a thaw

If the moon was formed around a dim circle, then tomorrow will be a hard frost.Red fire in the oven - to frost.Dog lying in the snow - would be a blizzard.Smoke from the pipe spread along the ground - the snow will

Ravens and crows perch on the tops of the trees - will be frost on the lower branches - will be a breeze.

all aquarium fish swim above the water surface - expect bad weather.Cats claws scraping the floor - a blizzard.If the cat gets up on its hind legs and starts to scrape the walls of the claws - will storm.Before approaching blizzard and snowstorm dog in the snow rolls, chicken tail, twirl, horse snores, pig squeals

Long-term forecasts

February cold and dry - August is hot;What is the first day of February, these and others


Short-term forecasts

Arrived rooks and together set about repairing their nests - a day or two willwarm, the weather is good.Loach is at the bottom of the tank - will be fair weather

If Rooks Have Arrived early, but to repair the nests are not taken, and only fly over them, and for a short time, sit on them or near them and then take off - cold still stretch for several days.If loach aquarium tossed up and down, right and left - it will rain.

Raven hiding beak under his wing, and the goose is short leg - tomorrow will be cold

Long-term forecasts

In thawed, on the steeper slopes, railwayslopes blossomed mother and stepmother - come warm


Short-term forecasts

morning was cloudy, and a dinner brightened the sky andit appeared high cumulus clouds - tomorrow will be sunny weather

sun sets in shimmering red dawn - expected strong wind and possibly rain.Sparrows sitting hunched, as if waiting for something - soon there will be rain and possibly snow.Pike is well enough zherlitsy and then suddenly stops - come chill, wind, snow.During the day, before it goes to the river pike depth lake

Long-term forecasts

blossomed mother and stepmother - come warm.

In meadows, forest glades and among the bushes blossomed golden yellow bells primrose - come the first warm days.It flows a lot of juice from birch - summer will be rainy.

Birch leaves of alder previously thrown - summer is sunny and if alder birch flourished before - cold and rain tortured.It began sap flow from maple and other trees - come warm weather.Early departures of bees - a sign of the onset of an early and warm spring


Short-term forecasts

on the surface of bodies of water appeared a sheet of white lilies - frost will no longer be.Regularly cuckoo cuckoo - the weather is warm and the frost will stop.After the rain formed a rainbow - the rain stopped.High in the sky swallows - to the sunny weather.

progress prolonged rain and suddenly began to sing in the sky birds - comes sunshine.The sky grew darker, the clouds float and dandelion flowers open - the rain will not.

Fern and drupe 15-20 minutes.before sunshine twist their leaves down.Bees fly fun morning - the day will be sunny.The sky in the clouds, even thunder, and the bees are not hidden, are working vigorously - the rain will not

Beetles worry, fly - in the evening or the next day cold, it starts to rain.

Flowering bird cherry, oak blossoms - possibly cooling.Low-flying swallows - to rain.In the sky the sun and dandelion flowers close - the rain will go.In deflorate dandelion fluff before the rain does not tear even a strong wind.

Fern and drupe 15-20 minutes.before the rain folded their leaves upward.

In the morning the bees in the hive sit and hum - in the next 6-8 hours, it starts to rain.Sunny day, the bees mass fly to the hive and hide in it - will storm


Long-term forecasts

There were earrings in the flowering maples- it's time to plant beets.Flowering aspen points sowing carrots term.Bird cherry tree blossom - come Potato planting time.Rowan bloom - come a long warm.Later flowering mountain ash - a long and warm autumn


Short-term forecasts

nightingale sings all night - will be a sunny day.

evening had the heavy dew Tomorrow will be sunny weather.Rooks are playing on the grass - to the good weather.

The rainbow over the red -

rain stops.

rainbow appeared in the evening - tomorrow

will clear weather.

Fog creeps in the morning on the water - will

sunny weather.

sun comes in light pink dawn, even covers the small clouds - tomorrow in the morning, the weather is good

evening dew is not - it will rain tomorrow, and perhaps bad weather.The sky is still clear, blue and bottomless, and mallow flowers folded their petals, like a withered - soon starts to rain.

On a good summer day much woodpecker knocks its beak - will soon rain.Rooks are grazing on the grass - it will rain incessantly diving and splashing ducks - will rain.

The rainbow over blue - will increase the wind and rain.Rainbow appeared in the morning - the day will be rainy.

Butterfly urticaria-stop their flights, hidden, fly on the veranda and in the rooms - a few hours will be a storm, it will rain.

overcast evening clearly visible objects on the horizon and the sounds are clearly audible - tomorrow will be rain and possibly a thunderstorm.Closed flowers wild flower and red clover - will rain

Long-term forecasts

on horse chestnut leaves made of water drops - come long rainy weather.

Flowers violets disclosed - will be prolonged sunny weather


short-term forecasts

evening in the forest is warmer than in the field - tomorrow will bewarm and clear weather.Mosquitoes and other insects at night clubs - in good weather.The whole sky was overcast dark and white clouds, but they are high above the ground and the contours of their clearly visible - would not rain, but the wind is possible.All together jumping and chirping crickets - a dry and clear weather.Field bindweed flowers opens to the nice weather.Flowers cleft cabbage normally closed for the night - the day the weather is good

If earthworms crawling out of the earth, the clear sunny weather will change to rain and thunderstorms.Birds fell silent, sparrows hid under the roof, swallows and swifts fly above the earth - is a thunderstorm.Frogs are kept on the surface, look up and croak - to bad weather.

Field bindweed flowers close before the rain.

hare cabbage night blossoming flower - in the morning it will rain

Long-term forecasts

on maple leaves visible moisture around petioles she even condenses into droplets - through2-3 days of rainy weather will come.

Prolonged bad weather, and sparrows revived and zachirikali - will soon come clear weather.

adonis flowers stopped to smell and attract bees and other insects - will wind weather.

lily white closed flowers - a day or two it will rain


Short-term forecasts

dog stretched on the ground and lies or sleeps, outstretchedfeet - the heat.

cat stretched middle of the room and sleeps - the weather is warmer.If the early morning mist from the earth and the water rises and gradually dissipates - the day will be hot.The appearance of the evening fog and spreading it on the ground heralds good weather for tomorrow

dog lying on the ground, eats little and sleeps a lot - it will rain soon.Dog coagulates and is up - to cold.

Chickens, geese and duck fat smeared its feathers and chickens do not depart from the hen - will close and prolonged bad weather.There is a rain and puddles appear bubbles, chickens walk around the outdoor courtyard - the rain did not stop for a long time.

Ants immediately returned from the campaign, and in the middle of the day buried inputs - will rain


Long-term forecasts

yellow leaves appear on the trees inearly August - come early autumn.

Circle of red mountain ash - have to wait long and cold autumn.Orekhov much, and little mushrooms - the winter will be snowy and severe.The abundance of berries, too, portends cold winter.All oaks covered with acorns - is a warm winter.

ants build big anthills - winter will be long and severe


Short-term forecasts

If during rain spiders began to spin a web - votrain's stopped.

When spiders weave spider web in a southerly direction - there will come a cold snap.

If the spider out of the nest and does the new web - will weather

Woodlouse closes the flowers in the morning - in the afternoon it will rain.Before bad weather spiders hide in some crevice.When spiders weave spider web in a northerly direction - colder.If the spider sits huddled in the middle of the web and beyond - to the rain.Frogs jumping on the beach and in the afternoon croak, and the fish jumping out of the water - it will rain


Short-term forecasts

Tetereva sit on the tops of the trees - to theclear weather.

Jackdaws gather in flocks, shouting - would clear weather

Roosters singing - the rain.Cats lie curled up near the stove - in the cold.

Low dark clouds portend a cold and possibly snow.Luna seems pale and muddy - it will rain, and possibly frost and snow.The sky at night is clean, but some of the moon visible large circles - will frost

Long-term forecasts

If geese and cranes are in no hurry to leave their homes - frost will not comeand soon winter will be mild and short.

Listopad passed quickly - coming soon winter will be cold and harsh, but if the leaves remain green and stay long on the tree - winter is to be short and with little frost.

If bees wax tightly fitting notches, leaving a small hole - winter will be cold, harsh.Before the warm winter entrance is still open.

Three weeks after the departure of the bulk cranes continuously hit the first night frosts


Short-term forecasts

Roosters singing early in the morning - warmer.

the windows steamed up - to thaw.

setting sun red, starry night sky, clean - tomorrow will be a frosty sunny weather

early Hens sit on the perch - will be cold.

roosters sing in the evening - to the weather.

Moon in the dim haze - to prolonged bad weather

Long-term forecasts

If protein builds a nest low - winter is frosty if high - winter will be withthaws.

If the smoke from the chimney rises straight up, even during inclement weather, but without the wind, soon the weather will improve


Short-term forecasts

loose snowon the frozen windows gradually I began to melt, formed gaps, through which you can even see things on the street Tomorrow will come warming

If singing bullfinch - be a blizzard, and if you hear the squeak of tits in the morning - cold increase.

summer and nervous cry rooks and crows - tomorrow will be snow

Long-term forecasts

Snow ceased to creak under the feet and ass noticeable wind blowing from the westor the south-west - will come a long warming.Ravens and crows perch on the snow - to thaw.

tops of deciduous trees turned pink and rose up - cold faint

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