Farming equipment cultivation of strawberries in the open field

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Site selection for the exhibition. important agro-technical measures, determining the high productivity of plantations of strawberries, is the right choice of land for plantation, while taking into account the biological characteristics of strawberries, and the demands that it makes for successful growth and fruiting of what we wrote earlier.

When selecting land for strawberries, preference is given an equal place with some slight slope providing excess water runoff, as well as a protected tree plantations.

Although strawberries manage almost every location, but in some respects is not quite indifferent to any slopes located plantation.At the southern slopes (referring to the Non-Black Earth) berries are often not too high, but wins in quality, while at the northern slope they gain in value, losing as usual.

If the slope of the plot has a significant slope, that with proper training and it can be successfully used for the culture of strawberries, especially when the slope facing the east or south-eas

t.In order to make such land suitable for the cultivation of strawberries, you can resort to terracing of its ledges, giving each ledge width of about 50 cm, and dig a ditch to drain rainwater.Due to the strong action of sunlight fruits ripen here earlier, so that terracing costs will be rewarded with a significant profit because the berries will ripen earlier.

For strawberries better allocate areas with natural protection.For it is very important protection from harmful effects of wind.Forest edges or sadozaschitnye plantations contribute to the accumulation of snow and even distribution, which creates on strawberry plantation unique microclimate.

When choosing a site in the garden, be aware that the best strawberries grows and bears fruit, where nothing obscures it.However, when placing fences and walls, it overheats and suffers from drought.Partial shade plantings favorable in the second half of the day.

site selection by soil type. Due to superficial adventitious roots strawberries prefer moderately moist soils with good water holding capacity and water permeable.The ground water level should not exceed 1.0-1.2 m above the ground.

Strawberries grow in any soil, but its productivity is directly dependent on the quality of the soil.For it is better suited loamy and medium loamy soil, in the southern regions - ordinary chernozem on loess and loam reclaimed on the talus.The least favorable as peat and limestone soils that require significant improvements before they can be more or less favorable crop of strawberries.Light sandy soil, and can not be recognized even though quite advantageous for industrial culture strawberries, however, and they can be quite useful when sufficient moisture.

Breakdown of plot. In home gardens area breakdown carried out as follows.Choose one straight line, for example, along the border of the garden, and to discourage it at right angles.This can be done by a simple cord.In cord, measure and mark the distance in units 3, 4 and 5 m. Part of the cord is 3 m pull along (in parallel) fixed straight line and hammer the pegs at the end of the cord and at a distance of 3 m, the marked node.Then peg at the marked site (between 4 and 5 m) cord is pulled so that a triangle.The angle between the sides 3 and 4 will always be a straight line.Further breakdown of the site is carried out by means of roulette or vymerennogo cord.

rotation. productivity of plantation of strawberries limited to 4-5 years, the productivity in the first two years of follow-up.Therefore, strawberries grown in rotation, in which it should occupy areas at least as old as all other crops combined to create conditions to reduce the number of pests and diseases (nematodes, mites Verticillium Wilt).

in the garden of strawberries are planted each year at the old place in 3 years, alternating with the cultivation of vegetable crops.For this portion is broken into 7-8 pieces.In the first year of the strawberries take 2-3 in the second and subsequent - one.From the third year, and in good condition with a fourth plant, one of the old dug strawberries annually.First, remove the old plants (burned or composted).The same is done with sick and weak plants on fruit-bearing strawberries, so they do not infect others.

as a precursor of the strawberry crop rotation excluded tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant due to infection by a common illness - Verticillium Wilt.

main objective vegetable strawberry crop rotation (crop rotation) - improving soil fertility, reducing the number of weeds and the suppression of life nematodes and wilt pathogens.A good precursor for the strawberries are some green manure crops which are plowed into the end of flowering.

as green manure crops such selected that were previously removed from the field, that allows to prepare the ground for planting.In the Central and North-Western regions of the Non-chernozem zone of the best green-manures are vetch-oat, pea-oat mixture, mustard, Phacelia.After cultivation siderates ground and plowed into the soil.Green manure can build big green mass, which is equivalent to the introduction of plowing the soil 1.5-2 kg of manure per 1 m2.

organic and mineral fertilizers can be made under green manure crops, which greatly relieves lot of weeds.

The complex of measures to combat pests and diseases also includes reducing the length of use strawberry plantings to 3 years instead of 4-5.