The method and circuit of landing

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

planting methods - a relative position of plants on the plantation.If the place is flat and low, strawberries are planted one or two lines.When one-line distance between the planting rows 70-90 cm, and in series between the plants -. 15-20cm Further strawberries cultivated narrowband manner with the width of the rows 20-25 cm (base).Formation of such series occurs by extension lines by rooting rosettes formed on his mustache.All mustache grow back between the rows, each year is cut at a distance of 12-15 cm from the number.mustache is not removed within the strip.

Scheme planting strawberries in the beds

planting schemes strawberries left - one-line;Right - two-line

When two-line method between the lines in the film set a distance of 30 cm, and between the ribbons -. 70 cm in the ranks of the plants are planted at a distance of 20-25 cm

At low, waterlogged areas strawberries grown on ridges..Ridges better positioned from north to south, so they are less exposed to desiccation.The width of 60-7

0 cm and can be up to 100 cm. On each ridge in a long series of 2 at a distance of 30 cm. The distance between plants 20-25 cm. Between the ridges leave the track width of 30-40 cm. In this case, all emerging mustache removed.

The more fertile the soil, the plants are planted less, so they are not meshed and not interfere with each other.Furthermore, planting pattern depends on the biological characteristics of different varieties.Varieties with strong development of the bushes should be planted more sparsely, so that they have a large area of ​​food and coffees and medium slaboroslyh plants - often.For example, such gustooblistvennye varieties like Festival, Zeng Zengana, Dawn and others on the fertile soil it is advisable to place in rows with a distance of 30 cm. Slabooblistvennye varieties such as Early Maherauha, Redkout et al., Are planted at a distance of 20 cm. The planting scheme dependsand from the life of the bush: it is shorter than the (1-2 years), the denser the seedlings can be planted strawberries.

When growing strawberries mulching with opaque (black) latest film is spread on prepared soil region.Meter-wide film can be spread on the ridge:. On light soils 6-8 cm in height, heavy 15-20 cm edges of the film lay in small grooves and covered with earth.Strawberries depending on the plant variety on the film in one or two rows.The distance between the plants also depend on the grade, but usually not less than 20 cm (usually 40-45 cm).Holes for planting 10 cm in diameter are cut with a knife or shtykovkoy (crosswise or circular).Between the strips of film left aisle with a minimum width of 25 cm, so that rain water reaches the roots.The soil under the mulch of the film is well heated, the film prevents the germination of weeds and retains moisture, protects the ripe berries from pollution and destruction berries botrytis.

Strawberry on the pyramids. said that the pyramid has come to us from the West, and possibly from the east.Anyway, near Moscow, many gardeners are grown strawberry on the pyramids - saving garden area, simplify maintenance of strawberries and in a sense even decorate the site, especially if you use a square five-tiered pyramid.For the manufacture of the latest packaging timber used or any edged boards.

five tier pyramid for growing strawberries

Vosmiyarusnaya pyramid of tires for growing strawberries

area of ​​the lower tier of 2x2 m. The height of each tier 12 cm, width 20 cm. For printing pyramid used compost.In order to save it in the center of the pyramid set box upside down or poured a mound of debris, stones, broken bricks and barren land.Sockets strawberries are planted at a distance of 20 cm from each other, and as far as possible from the edge of the tier (at the very walls lying above).In winter, do not harbor this pyramid.operation period of 3 years.Two three-tiered pyramid make 1.0-1.5 m in width and of any length (like a bed) 4-8 m. Each tier is enclosed in the casing of the boards 13-15 cm wide. Pyramid has a north-south, the distance between plants25-35 cm. Putting arc and pulling the film, strawberries easily harbor from spring frosts.

Various containers for planting strawberries in several tiers

Various containers for planting strawberries in several tiers

Vertical method for growing strawberries used in small areas and for the kind of garden ornaments in the form vertical ridges.This method allows to grow per 1 m2 is 5-8 times greater strawberry plants than the conventional method ridge, respectively, and receive more crop.To do this, arrange special designs in several tiers placed on them containers for planting.As the tanks can use flower pots, boxes, baskets, metal mesh bags made of polyethylene film, wooden or metal drums and other devices.Most often gardeners use for vertical culture old tires.Under the first ramp is laid a layer of clay.The circumference of the tire is cut or punched through holes 6 × 10 cm at a distance of 12 to 15 cm from one another - 12-15 holes, depending on the tire size.Plants are planted into the holes in the ramp to sleep or a mixture of garden land earth, peat and sand in the ratio 1: 2: 1.The height of the vertical beds can be adjusted.For the convenience of watering and fertilizing the liquid at the center put a tube with a diameter of 15-20 cm with drilled holes."Cylinder" of the tire is placed on a light, well-heated place.