Growing seedlings

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Many vegetable and ornamental crops are very sensitive to cold, and they are harmful to any setback which in our climate happen until the end of May.Therefore, they can not be in the open ground until the moment when the danger has passed the last spring frost.The seeds of heat-loving crops require specific germination and, most importantly, a stable temperature, which should not be below 20 ° C.Otherwise, the germination process is suppressed or even impossible.In addition, the duration of the heat season in our climatic conditions is not sufficient for the passage of a full cycle of a plant from seed to fruit in the open field - the plant does not have time to fully develop and bear fruit after seed germination.Therefore, germination, initial growth and entry into the stage of active growth of plants should take place in secure conditions: in the greenhouse, greenhouse or on a windowsill in an apartment.After that the plant falls into open ground already fully formed, with an extensive root system, cap

able of dhtneyshemu development.

There is another argument in favor of the pre-growing seedlings for certain types of crops.Cucumbers, for example, can be grown from seedlings, and can be planted in open ground hill method in the end of May, but the plants are grown from seedlings, will harvest much earlier planted seeds, thus extending the period of cucumber harvest.The same applies to such crops as cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce.

Why do I need to grow seedlings

have seeds of heat-loving vegetables and ornamental kulvgur able to grow only at a sufficiently high temperature, soil and air.

** Young sprouts of heat-loving plants are very sensitive to cold, harsh spring change of day and night temperatures, late frost.

Due to the short duration of the heat of the season the plant does not have time in our climatic conditions to complete a full cycle of development from seed to fruiting, the fruit can not ripen

Growing seedlings allows you to artificially prolong the heat season of the plant due to the fact that the initial stage of growth, itwill take place in favorable conditions, greenhouse or apartment.

raisings plant falls into open lb-formed, robust and ready for further development.

When growing seedlings is possible to obtain an earlier harvest.

process of growing seedlings is not too complicated and time-consuming, but it has a number of features and rules that need to be considered and carry for healthy strong plants.The ideal place for the cultivation of seedlings is the heated greenhouse or heated bed in a cold greenhouse.There is no need to sow the seeds of heat-loving crops directly in the garden, you can sow them in a warm room, and then transferred to a bed.And yet the most affordable way is growing seedlings on a window in the living room.To do this, choose the brightest window, preferably facing the south or west side, and do not start planting in February or early March, when the solar irradiance level is still insufficient.For growing seedlings indoors are flat average depth of plastic or wooden trays with holes in the bottom of to drain excess water and land

special substrates.Simple land ready for cultivation, for example, house plants are not suitable, because it contains a considerable amount of fertilizer.Land for growing seedlings, you can prepare yourself by mixing sand, peat and screened mature compost or garden soil of humus topsoil in equal shares.

containers for growing seedlings should be disinfected, the substrate can be poured rather weak solution of potassium permanganate, as the sand which is sprinkled the soil surface for sowing seeds, you must be ignited.These simple precautions will help prevent the spread of plant diseases and to grow healthy seedlings.