Sowing the seeds for seedlings

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

tray of seedlings should be almost to the brim filled with earth and trample her hands, especially paying attention to the corners of the tray where the land usually remains elevated.After that, the ground surface can be leveled a small plaque.On the surface scatter the seeds, if they are very small, it is better to use a sieve, taking care that the seeds were distributed as evenly as possible.Seeds trample hands, gently pushing them into the soil and cover with a thin layer of the earth, unless there are specific instructions for svetovskhozhih seeds.Earth again trample and carefully, so as not to wash away the seeds, moisten the crops out of a watering can or sprayer.The tray should be covered on top of a transparent film or glass that reflect light and do not let moisture evaporate quickly from the surface of the soil, keeping it constantly moist.For irrigation is necessary to cover pan and moisten the soil surface from a spray that allows to do it very evenly and is safe for crops.Under the film crea

tes a humid microclimate necessary for seed germination.Regularly flip film or glass, when the lower side of the condensate accumulated in the form of water droplets to excessive dampness germinating seed is not damaged.As soon as the shoots, the coating must be removed.Large, sugar-coated seeds or seeds of plants, poorly tolerate transplantation because of the lack of ability of the root system of regeneration, such as cucurbits, it makes sense to be planted in individual pots in which they grow up and remain fit for permanent growth.

/. the seal surface of the soil to sow the seeds, trying to spread them evenly

2. If there is no additional guidance of svetovskhozhesti seeds, cover them with a thin layer of soil, it is possible to do this with the help of screen

3. thoroughly moisten the crops, trying to

not wash covered with a thin layer of ground seeds,

this very convenient spray

/. the time of landing on a constant plant is well developed and has a strong-formed root system.2. The big plant seeds, as well as en-drazhiro seeds it makes sense to plant

in individual peat pots.This practice avoids the dive, injuring the roots of plants.

3. convenient to use as peat cubes, which swell when water is added

Prepare seeds for seedlings

seeds, intended for growing seedlings should be prepared.There are many ways preplant seed treatment, which vary depending on the type of culture.Well established itself following the method of preparation of tomato seeds.Seeds treat a strong solution of potassium permanganate, allow to dry and repeat the process.Then put the seeds in the ash solution prepared at the rate of 1-2 tbsp.l.wood ash per 1 liter of water and let stand.Seeds control of washing solution and decomposed into wet cotton cloth, which was pre-wet solution in the ash.Top seeds should also be covered with a cloth, put in a plastic lotochek and leave at room temperature afoot.When the seeds naklyunutsya tray at night should be placed in the refrigerator and leave for a day at room temperature, repeat this operation for a week.The sharp alternation of positive and negative temperatures provide friendly shoots, sprouts increases vitality and brings the period of fruiting plants.Following the preparation of the seeds sown in the tray with the ground, closing up into the soil to 1.5 cm.