Harvesting strawberries

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

term maturity is dependent on the amount of active temperatures and start growing strawberry plants.The duration of ripening fruit is largely dependent on weather conditions than on the varietal characteristics and ripening.As a rule, early spring and warm summer berries ripen after 21-24 days, with a protracted cold spring - 35-45 days after flowering.If at maturity the air temperature drops, then stretched fruiting in the dry summer is shrinking.

Harvest maturity is characterized by a degree of staining berries.Depending on the purpose of the berries are harvested when they are fully or partially color.For consumption on the premises and processing of berries harvested when fully ripe, for transportation, especially over long distances - at 3/4 reddening berries.

on the bushes of wild strawberry fruits ripen simultaneously.Therefore berries were collected in several stages, optionally with an interval of several days.For fresh consumption in the cool weather was removed after 2-4 days in hot - in a d

ay.For the processing of berries can be collected less frequently.

berries are harvested carefully, with a cup and a part of the stalk.Assembled without calyx and stalk fruits lose their appearance, rumpled, perishable.collection technique is as follows: Left-hand collector lifts the leaves and stems support, and the right hand thumb and index finger pinch off a berry with part of the stem and calyx.When gathering should not gain a lot of berries in his hand.

Collect berries need simultaneously in two baskets, good - one, and defective, diseased, malformed or heavily polluted - to another.

Technique gathering strawberries : the thumb and forefinger of the right hand pinch off a berry with a portion of the stem and the cup and dipped to cart

Usually strawberries collected in baskets shingle with a capacity of 2.5 kg.Baskets should be clean and dry.In no event it is impossible to collect the strawberries in a sieve.The bottom of the sieve in the soft, sagging.During the collection of the sieve is necessary to lift a few times, carry and put back.Tender, juicy berries with crumple and sieve of flowing juice.

shopping cart should not be filled up to the top, because the berries are at the bottom may wrinkle.In addition, when the carriage is necessary to put one basket to another, and this is reflected in the quality of berries.Pour the berries from one container to another does not follow from this, they crumple and perishable.

If possible, these berries in the basket, trying not to shake, referred to some cool place (cellar, pantry, fridge), leaving the berries there for as long as they are needed.

Harvested berries should not be left in the sun: they are overripe or "baked".Especially since you can not leave the berries without cover in the rain.To the table is best served berries, laying them into a broad bowl, pre-taxation of fresh strawberry, maple, or vine leaves.If, despite all precautions, the berries get dirty ground, which can easily happen in the rainy weather, the berries should wash with water, but this should be done shortly before feeding them to the table.If the berries are washed stand up for a while, then they are of shiny delicious frosted and lose their flavor.

time of day in which it is best to collect the strawberries, depending on whether the berries are used immediately after harvest, or be transported.

necessities for their own economy does not care what time of day is collected.In this case we are talking only about how to pick the most beautiful, the most mature and most flavorful berries.

If fully ripened berries will stay on the plant one or two days longer than they should, they are compared to just ripped off, but not perespevshimi berries will have less fresh and fragrant and also become more watery.Thus, if the strawberries bred for yourself, then it is collected as ripening and need and, moreover, at any time of the day.

Quite another matter if the strawberries cultivated in large quantities and berries are intended for the market.Deliver nepoporchennymi berries and fresh to the consumer to the producer is difficult and not always even feasible task.

The practice has long been proven that the best time to collect strawberries destined for the market, it is early morning, when the berries have not yet had time to warm up after a cold night, and the dew settled on them to support the transportation of their freshness.If the day or even the morning rays give little heat is not yet fully ripened berries, the latter in the process of maturation becomes soft and more succulent than desirable, and in this state they are already unfit for a more or less long and distant transportation.In addition, when the morning gathering berries can be shipped to the nearest market immediately.