Large-fruited strawberry remontant

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

remontant large-fruited strawberry, as well as single fruit-bearing strawberry belongs to the same cultural mind - strawberry pineapple (F. ananasa).The main difference lies only in the fact that the remontant varieties produce fruit continuously or in waves for a long time - since the end of June, and almost to the middle of autumn (up to 4 months).The long period of flowering and fruiting is due to the nature of the formation and growth of shoots (horns) and inflorescences.The necessary conditions for the formation of flower buds in remontant strawberries - the presence of relatively high daily temperatures (15 ° C) and long daylight hours (14-17 hours), while for ordinary garden rather short day (10-12 hours) at low temperaturesieautumn.

Depending on the location on the horns formed terminal (apical) and nizhnepazushnye inflorescences and inflorescence development occurs very rapidly, within 2-3 weeks, so they are early appearance of fruit.

first harvest of these varieties of strawberries (June-July

), as a rule, is only 10-30%, autumn (August-September) - more abundant (70-90%).However, in the middle band of the second lot of berries harvest does not have time to ripen and fall under the early frosts.In this connection, it is advisable to accelerate the start of the growing season by covering the plants in early spring (early April) frames with a transparent film (low tunnels) - the first crop ripens 10-14 days earlier, as well as a light film in the autumn, to allow the maximum number of berries ripen.

To enhance the re-education stems advisable to mow the aerial part of strawberry plants immediately after harvesting the first crop year.

large-fruited strawberry remontant in contrast to the usual fruits and rosettes mustache, so it can be used for "vertical" culture.The ability to produce crops on the newly formed rosettes on mustache (sometimes even without roots) makes it possible to create beautiful, solid vertical wall, tying a mustache on the coarse mesh or other devices.

Tab large number of generative organs and education on these subsidiaries are responsible for crop plants with greater demands and remontant varieties of soil fertility and care.Better to plant the plants in August, at a distance of 30-40 cm in the row.

In central remontant varieties it is advisable to grow for two, at most, three years;in the southern regions - 1-2 years.

remontant grade worse than usual, suffer the winter, so it is very important to ensure a rapid regrowth of the leaves in spring.For this series of mulch peat compost or rotted manure, a layer of 10-15 cm. This also contributes to the conservation of agro moisture in the soil, increase crop yields.As a material for mulching can be used and a dark plastic film.

to increase the off-season, the autumn harvest all spring flower stalks in May terminated, in this case, the second fruiting (August-September) is usually increased and equal to the total yield of the 1st and 2nd fructification.

The rest is similar to the agricultural machinery remontant strawberry garden.