Hardening seedlings

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Before planting seedlings in open ground it is necessary to carry out hardening of seedlings.

process of hardening is that the plants grown in rooms or greenhouses with a further change in the ground gradually exposed to lower temperatures close to the environmental conditions in order to reduce the likelihood of subsequent plant growth retarding when they reach unaccustomedconditions.

Young plants are grown in a greenhouse under glass or in gentle conditions warm apartment, very tender and sensitive, and should increase their resistance to low temperatures, fluctuations in day and night temperatures, to increased solar radiation, wind and limited access to moisture.Tempering is necessary to carry out in order to better seedling root in the new for her open ground conditions quickly caught without experiencing developmental delays, and did not hurt.Otherwise, plants will suffer, trying to adapt to and cope with the impact of unusual factors and weakened plants may even die.For the purpose of hardening

for 10-14 days before transplanting in the open ground gradually restrict watering seedlings, reducing its need for moisture.In addition, the gradually increased airing of greenhouses until the complete removal of frames, even at night, and at home open window, thus regulating the plant getting used to low temperatures.In the last 3-4 nights it is recommended to leave the plant without any cover.Hardened seedlings are strong with low dense dark green leafy mass, plants have a good tone.In seedlings of cabbage crop in the process of hardening the protective waxy coating on the leaves appear.

Seedlings are grown in the apartment, it is recommended to temper throughout the growing period, and not just before planting in open ground.To do this at the stage of germination should gradually lower the temperature of the first night to 17-15 ° C, then to 15-10 ° C.If space permits, and the height of the seedlings is not too large, the tray can be placed on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator where the temperature does not exceed 8-10 ° C.But rationally to achieve the required temperature ventilation.At the same time, be careful not to freeze the seedlings, so it is recommended to fence off from the open window film.At too low a temperature in the street, do not open the window.Hardened seedlings are so low, strong and hardy, it can withstand even a small spring frost in the open ground .. ..