Choosing a place for the grape

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

When choosing a site for planting grapes must take into account the climatic conditions of the area, the method of cultivation of a culture, especially varieties, as well as the size and configuration of the site, the presence of buildings, trees, shrubs, and most importantly - increased sensitivity of grape plant to light and heat.

work advisable to start with a site plan, which is made in a certain scale, indicating the objects in it.

Consideration of climatic conditions is particularly important where there are severe winters and a lack in the amount of active temperature.This refers to the regions of Russia, located north and east of the Rostov region (from the Volgograd region and ending with Moscow and the Altai and Primorsky edges), Belarus, the Baltic republics, the North Kazakhstan.

in these areas for planting the most suitable site, protected from the north and north-east winds by buildings or trees.If the site is not protected, it is necessary to provide the device panels, planting trees on

the north side, and use the rocker cultures.

When planting grapes on the south side of buildings, where, along with better lighting ensures an increased thermal balance due to the issuance of heat wall, crop matures on average two weeks earlier than when landing on the north side.

farther south, the greater the amount of active temperatures, therefore in areas sheltered viticulture industry, ranging from Rostov region and ending with the Republic of Dagestan, the possibility to select the place for the grapes wider.In addition to the parties, open to the south, you can use the western and eastern sides.It is desirable that they are protected from cold winds.

In more southern areas, you can use the north side if necessary.

In areas neukryvnyh viticulture (the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, the southern part of Dagestan, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan) the choice of landing sites is less dependent on temperature.

Grapes poorly developed on the unventilated and sunlit areas.Incomplete coverage is allowed in the first years of landing in such a way that in the future the vines will be displayed on the illuminated space using bowline formirovok or long cordons.

If you have trees landing place for the grapes must be from them at a distance of 2 m to prevent shading and competition bushes root systems.

expediency accounting method of cultivation of grapes due to the fact that in this case more specifically address issues related to the number of hives and placing them in selected areas: Land preparation, the combination of a particular method with the "architectural ensemble" of the plot, and the cultivation of other crops, andas a whole - with the choice of the right place for planting.

In northern areas the most suitable trellis-ordinary planting and growing over the walls and fences on the south and west sides.In more southern areas, in addition, widespread arbours and galleries of grapes.

view of the wall of culture

If a fan has decided to plant grapes at the fence, then along her left lane width of 40-50 cm. It is necessary to take into account that under irrigation in the vicinity of future vines (about 50 cm) can be grown nizkostebelnyecrops such as peas, sorrel, radishes, onions, cabbage, beets, carrots, cucumber, dill, beans, tomatoes, peppers, rank, potatoes.Not compatible with grapes of tall plants - sunflower, corn.They should be placed at a distance of not less than 2 m from the extreme number of grapes in order to avoid deterioration of the aeration, thermal regime of light and power of the bushes.

Grapes gets along well with many shrubs and ornamental plants (currants, gooseberries, roses, peonies, tulips, strawberry, etc.), but does not tolerate the neighborhood with walnut, poplar and other tree species, which have a strong root system,strongly dry up the soil and shade the large space.

Do not plant vines in the shade, and in middens, lime pits, as well as in places where the shed coal slag, various types of garbage, sewage.When the wall

culture of seats shall be located no closer than 0.5-1.5 m from the wall to avoid their precipitation as a result of irrigation.Shrubs against the wall is supplied by stacking cuttings.

trellis-ordinary landing place on the site a separate array.Basically rows sent from the north to the south to best use of heat, and in areas with hot summers - from west to east for mutual shading bushes and prevent burns.In the northern regions through a row of grapes should be planted in one or two rows of currant.This ensures even the detention of snow in the area, and helps to protect the grape roots from frost damage.Black currants are planted in one or two years before planting grapes.

When planning a gazebo in the yard, on the one side of which is a wall or porch, landing strip from the house is left at a distance of 2.5-6 m and more depending on the will hide the bushes for the winter or not (if the distance is necessary neukryvnoy culturemore to create a powerful skeleton of the bush).

Gazebos can be of different shapes (round, oval, rectangular, multi-faceted) and with a variety of surface (flat, dome-shaped, tapered).Their sizes depend on the willingness of amateur gardener and the value of free space.

Arch, gallery or mall is better to arrange the gate to the front door of the house or along the garden path leading to the utility room.The scheme of planting (the distance between the bushes) is set taking into account the varieties and the forming.

After determining where and how to be cultivated grapes, this information is applied to the site plan, drafted in advance.Once the landing site should be carefully prepared site, treat the soil.