The use of short cuttings of grapes

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

With this method of reproduction is one-dvuhglazkovye cuttings pre-germinated indoors and with the onset of warm weather are planted in a permanent place.This method has the greatest value for the northern regions, where spring comes late.

shortened winter cuttings soaked for days in water and after airing planted one in Case consists of polyethylene substrate.Case consists

can be made of plastic film itself.. Case consists Length 25 cm, width - 10 cm They fill one of the water-holding substrates: equal parts of soil, lowland peat and coarse sand;equal parts of sphagnum peat, and sawdust;three parts of sawdust (steamed hot water) and one part of soil or humus, coarse sand;equal parts humus and sand.

For disinfection of sawdust from possible pathogens better pre-boil them in water with potassium permanganate until a pale pink solution.Case consists with cuttings are placed vertically in a box, which is placed in a heated room in the lit area, near the battery.Upper eye to be at the cutting level of th

e substrate.Top drawer can be covered film to minimize dryness of the air.After 20-30 days the cuttings take root, and after another two weeks, start to develop.

best rooting occurs when the tip of the knife to make the bottom of the cuttings (before landing) several shallow cuts (furrowing).Growth stimulants treated by immersing in a solution of growth regulator on the lower part of the cutting length to its 3.2 hr 18-24 (IAA -200-300 mg / L or α-naphthylacetic acid -25 mg / liter; 2,4-dihlorfenoksimaslyanayaacid - 2 mg / l) or create an elevated temperature - 28-30 ° C at the lower ends of the cuttings until roots.

substrate is periodically moistened and create normal conditions for the photosynthetic leaves.Before landing a permanent place of seedlings have time to develop a well-developed root system and escape length of 30-40 cm.

spring (late April or May) green seedlings hardened by placing them in the sun in a shed, and then briefly exposing to the sun.When the ground warms up enough and the danger of frost has passed, vegetative seedlings are planted to a permanent place.With appropriate formirovke bushes grown in this way, begin to bear fruit one year earlier.The same way you can grow and grafted seedlings.