Transplanting trees and shrubs

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

transplant - always a painful process for the plant, but often it is inevitable or even necessary.It often happens that a tree or shrub grows poorly on some place, even when compliance

1. In the prepared pit or trench hybrids-drink plants obliquely.

2. Cover the roots of the earth, compacted and watered

Transplanting trees and shrubs

1. loosen the ground around the tree or shrub with pitchforks, but not too deep, so as not to damage the roots ofis located in the upper soil layer.

2. Carefully dig around the roots around, directing the bayonet spade inclined not to cut the side branches.

3. Remove the root ball from the ground and place on the prepared piece of cloth or canvas.

4. Deliver dug to plant prepared at the new location of the landing pit

and plant, observing all the rules.After planting, make a pruning fruit trees or bushes

Denia basic rules of care for them.The reason for this can be an individual intolerance of the soil by the plant site, the possible simil

arity or contrast, the remoteness of groundwater and the associated waterlogging basal layers of the soil or the lack of moisture.The plant may not like his coverage of a locus for the day, the neighborhood with any objects or structures and likely competition from other plants, which the gardener can not even suspect.Whatever it was, all of these factors, as well as changes in the site plan, the need to build a lot of other reasons could be the basis for a transplant a tree or shrub.

to the plant is not affected by this process, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions transplant.Work on the transplant plants

better carry out in early spring, when the plant has not yet come out of dormancy and are not entered in the active growing phase.Spreading branches plants or tie wrapped in canvas.This will prevent the breaking of branches, free up space, and branches will not interfere nicely all subsequent operations.The main condition for transplantation involves the most careful attitude to the plant root system.We must try to do everything so as not to damage the roots, which will inevitably lead to a significant weakening of the plants.First, the ground around the tree or shrub you want to loosen, to facilitate the seizure of the root system.Shovel must produce the vertical stroke of the plant at a distance corresponding to the projection of the crown on the ground.It should be taken into account at the same time, the diameter of the root system, that is, the area

Planting conifers and evergreens

1. Dig a spacious planting hole size, which is twice the size of the earth coma on the rhizome.Out of the pit to crush the earth mixed with sand, compost, organic fertilizers, pulverized silica.

2. loosen the bottom of the pit and pour a little sand for drainage and a portion of the resulting ground mixture.Set the tree upright on the bottom of the pit, orient it in the most beautiful side of the preview area.

3. Cover the pit with earth, tamped it, but not to stamp.

4. Drive a support number to the trunk at an angle against the main wind direction, strengthen

it and tie the tree to support a loop of soft materials in the form of eight.Form a circle watering, water the seedling abundantly and well humidify it within the first year

occurrence of roots in the soil, on average half the diameter of the crown.This is followed, using the intended line of the inner edge, carefully dig around the plant on all sides, making a trench width of 30 cm and a depth of bayonet spade, cutting off the protruding roots.Then stick a shovel under the root ball, directing bayonet shovels obliquely with respect to the root system, so as not to cut the side branches.Then carefully remove the tree or shrub with a lump of land, which lies the root system of plants, prepared to lay on a piece of canvas, cloth or burlap.Process plant roots, cutting off any damaged or dead areas, wrapped in cloth earthen room and move or carry a wheelbarrow to a new place of landing.You can not wrap the root system, and simply drag excavated plant on the canvas.Lower the plant in the prepared planting hole, you can leave the roots in the fabric and make everything the same way as when planting trees and shrubs.After planting a fruit tree or shrub crop, observing all the rules of this type of crop culture to match the dimensions of the crown possibly injured root system.