Planting of conifers and evergreens

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

For hedges often traditionally used coniferous and broadleaved evergreens.They have a number of features that must be considered when planting these plants.Their main feature is that the vegetative

Planting perennial herbaceous plants

1. delenki or plants taken out of the container for 1 to 2 hours to put in the water, so that they could create a supply of moisture in the tissues.The upper layer of earth is better to remove, because it develops moss, weeds and pests can inhabit or fungal bacteria.2. Prepare the soil for planting: loosen carefully choose his hands all the roots are too heavy compacted soil mixed with sand, peat and compost.Make a hole in the seating according to the size of the root system of the plant, which should be located freely.If required by the culture are planted at the bottom of the landing pit is necessary to create a drainage layer of gravel and sand.Generally not recommended to apply during

tional period does not stop at the cold time of the year, but only slows d

own i.listva evergreens continued to evaporate moisture.Therefore, to make planting evergreens necessary so as to have time to take root and grow strong root system, as it affects the complete water plants during the winter period.Planting is best done in early spring: April or May depending on the weather or late summer to autumn frosts before the plant is actively shaped root system.

In general, when planting conifers and evergreens, the same basic rules as for planting of deciduous trees and shrubs.The only significant difference is that conifer seedlings and evergreens Võsa not fit any fertilizers except compost and wood ash.

3. Damaged or very long roots of the plant is necessary to cut off smoothly, gently straighten the hands and root system of the plant in the lower landing pit.Ensure that the roots were located freely, were directed straight down and curled.

4. After planting, fill the hole with soil prepared and lightly push the plants root ball into the ground.Bushes of the containers can not bury too, otherwise come under ground formed at the surface of the young buds, delenki phlox and peonies also should be planted so that the resumption of the kidney were on the ground level.

After planting, the plants must be watered several times copiously

alive with bare roots, they are usually purchased from the butt end of the earth to the root system, packaged in a linen cloth or burlap.Planting plants should, without removing tissue, it does not restrict root growth and eventually just rot in the ground.