Growing seedlings of grapes , avoiding shkolku

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Otvodkovy liquor. mother bush formed by korotkorukavnoy formirovke, cut short, leaving it at the bottom of 2-3 knots eye length.Upon reaching the green shoots of 25-30 cm length of shoots and remove weak counterparts, and the remaining spud 5-7 cm.

soil for earthing up should be friable and rich in nutrients (should add humus, sand, superphosphate).When the length of shoots 50-60 cm okuchennuyu of the bush and watering roller was adjusted to a height of 30 cm. Then, rapidly growing shoots to a height of 60-70 cm mint in order to regulate their growth and enhance root formation.Care for the summer is the minting of shoots 2-3 times as they grow, watering, removing weeds, correction rollers, protect them from pests and diseases.

Rooting for poluneniya annual shoots of seedlings by hilling bushes

autumn rooted shoots razokuchivayut shears and separated from the mother plant.In the land there are only small stumps from which to grow again next year coppice shoots.

For grafted seedlings to escape vacci

nations simple kopulirovkoy or okulirov - one of the most ancient ways of reproduction of grapes.In the spring along a row of digging the groove on the length of the diverted vine a depth of about 10 cm, well loosened and watered vines pre-furrow over the interstices for better root formation, but all eyes remain.Each node with a peephole develops further shoots and roots.The mother underload bush up to 50% of normal.

laid in the groove and vine prishpilivayut densely sprinkled fertilized land, which watered and mulch.At the end of the vine putting landmarks to denote its total length.

«China» layering

Dismemberment rooting cuttings into individual seedlings

During the summer slips 2-3 times a month watering, remove weeds, spray, emerging shoots to tie up a temporary support, and for their vigorous growth of mint at the height of 60-70 cm.

autumn after ripening shoots cuttings are separated from the general vine and used as planting material.

If the weak development of strains of young shoots are left for the second year, having covered it for the winter in areas sheltered viticulture and okuchit at neukryvnoy culture.In the spring of each escape is cut off leaving 2-3 buds for forcing the strong shoots.In case of danger of freezing strains taken out, separated from the bush, store, and in the spring is cut and planted in shkolku on rearing.

If the end of June to layering shoots reach a length of over 1 m, they are also used as a second order cuttings.To do this, dig against each escape groove, put them in the green shoots, breaking off from the lower part of the leaves, and sprinkle with a mixture of soil, compost and sand.The end of the shoot is left on the ground and tied up to a peg.Then the cuttings watered and mulch.Water the cuttings periodically until the first half, while drought and the end of August.Chasing is carried out in a period of growth attenuation.In the autumn cuttings dug, starting with the end, and cut into individual plants.

Dismemberment rooting cuttings into individual seedlings