Garter vines

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Garter is winter or "dry" - a garter hose, shooter, shoulder cordons and summer, or "green" - the young shoots of the garter.

garter dry shoots of annuals and perennial parts of the bush cutting follows.The optimal time of its implementation - the beginning of sap flow.During this period, the vine is flexible and easily bent, broken shoots less.Garter performed in a short time and end no later than the beginning of bud burst, as having got the kidney growth is very fragile and easily break off.

If a large amount of work to be tied begin before the deadline, during vine dormancy.This work starts with the grapes from which the vines more subtle and flexible.In frosty weather should not tie up shoots, as the number of failures increases.

must strive to create smooth bends.Bending vines at a steep angle completely incapacitate conducting system, upstream holes of the power stops.

correct a garter bushes at a young age (their formation) facilitates the work in the future.

Garter at shtambovoy formirovke.

Created trunks should be smooth and stable.Even small bends, made in the first year of the formation of the trunk, reducing the durability of the bushes, because after the plant comes into fruition weight load on shtamb increases many times, and if shtamb bent, the load is unevenly distributed, causing splits trunks.

view vines after the "dry" garter vine and sleeves

To get a straight trunk left for this annual shoots tied up to a stake at regular intervals of 3-4 places.To garters held firmly without slipping and at the same time does not damage plants, this work is done as follows.

First cut the twine, urine, tape, thin cloth or other material garter firmly tied up to a stake two nodes, then tie an escape so that left some space for its thickening.When garter tough at this point is reduced cambial activity, escape takes damage, and as a result generate shtamb must first.

When garter shoots used as shoulders (sleeveless) shtambovoy formirovki their first gently bent, then, having horizontally along the bottom of the wire tie in 3-4 places.

the forming shoulders should also be smooth, it provides a more uniform growth and fruiting shoots, regardless of the location of fruit links.

If the shoulder garter proved uneven, in the following years on the horns and bending zone shoots growth is enhanced, while the horns located on the periphery, weakened growth and fruiting.When uneven growth often have to resort to rejuvenate, which shortens the durability of plantings.

methods Garter green shoots: 1 - reeling, 2 - a loop;3 - "eight".

After completing the forming fruit arrows tied up to the second wire trellis, evenly distributing them in space.Garter second wire reduces the weight on the first wire, which in this case is not slack and maintains normal bush stable structure.Annual shoots are bent slightly at the same time.

Garter at besshtambovoy formirovke.In the bush varieties after the creation of a covering sleeves it is important to place them in space in accordance with the characteristics formirovok design.

example, the forming of fruit-bearing bushes of the fan in the first wire attached to the bottom of a sleeve with a slope 35-45 °.They must be well tightened to the wire and is uniformly distributed in the plane of support (including the scheme adopted by the forming).

particularly important to correctly place the fruit of the arrow, that is an annual vine.Tie them upright can not.In this situation, due to the inherent polarity of the grape plant in the first place will blossom and grow more intense uppermost eyes and shoots.The lower part of the bush bare.Upper removed from the skeleton, but more developed shoots, which lay mainly in the future harvest, make bush cumbersome and inconvenient for shelter.Most often, these shoots have to be removed during the autumn pruning (lost a significant part of the harvest).Therefore fruit arrow tie wire to the first or horizontal position in a bent and partly obliquely to the second (maximum 40-50 °), carefully bending back their tops down.

Vertical garter annual vine is allowed only in cases when it is necessary to form a high shtamb for neukryvnyh bush growth or sleeve when a powerful besedchatoy culture of grapes.

To avoid chafing sleeves and wire escapes with the help of their material is attached garter "eight", that is, that between them and the wire was garter material.You can not pull the harness vines, especially sleeves, to avoid okoltsevaniya thickening.Each arrow tie separately better.

Short arrows tied up for longer ends (more than 7-8 buds) in the middle - "eight" and tight end.

tie arrows can petlevyazalnymi special scissors or rings - holders.

When using scissors used special cord, and instead of the node cord ends are fixed strand formed by a pair of scissors.

Green shoots of the garter is carried out in the growing season.The first garter do with the length of the young shoots of 50-60 cm (before flowering) and when they outgrow the second row of wire.As the shoots to achieve the next tier trellis, a second, a third, sometimes fourth garter.If the green shoots grow the top wire and hang, you must either grow trellis or tie shoots horizontally to the top of the wire.

optimum conditions for the development of shoots and clusters are created by a garter shoots at an angle of 45 °.However, to evenly distribute them on the trellis of the shoots (especially in the middle of the bush) tie up vertically.

One loop tie up no more than 2-3 shoots.Garter few green shoots crowded in one place increases the shedding of flowers and the development of fungal diseases, impairs the degree of laying the harvest for the next year and the maturing shoots.

to green shoots loosely attracted to the wire and are not damaged by strong winds, garter material tied around the shoots and the wire in the form of "eight".Tie the tops of the shoots is impossible, but rather between the fourth and fifth internode, counting from the top.

Securing shoots winding of twine: 1 - trellis wires;2 - garter twine

Tapestry with movable wires: 1 - the first layer to dry garter vine;2 - a mobile stage for the winding of green shoots

Garter can be replaced zavodki shoots between two parallel wires.To this end, the tiers of wire trellis made double by placing the wire on both sides of the support column.The distance between them should be at least 6-7 cm. It is possible to arrange a wire, and from different angles pole alternately at a distance of 25-30 cm from one another.When dorastanii shoots up the next tier they give birth between them, trying to distribute uniformly on the trellis.

When Forming with a free dangling growth garter is not required.

Good results can be achieved when using a mobile (parallel strung) wires, which are the growth of shoots periodically moved up and fixing them.

best material for a garter - soaked in water bast.To use a garter twine willow shoots (willow) and gorse, hazel green bark, fiber spinning plant (oxide, kenaf), corn, etc. involucre.

wreckage of shoots in the knots of substitution and fruit arrows