Natural Garden protection

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

For a long time there was a strong tendency to use even on small garden plots, chemical control of diseases and pests.Apparently, it originally was due to the emergence of a historical moment, as the largest scale of the use of chemical agents in the fight against pests and diseases acquired in the postwar years.First, this area was regarded as extremely positive-saving crops and facilitating the maintenance of plant health.But then, more and more attention has been paid to the quality of cultivated plants and numerous laboratory studies have identified a number of problems associated with the use of chemicals in crop protection.In

plant tissues treated with the chemicals in the soil, water and air, even in high levels harmful to human health has been found, and even toxic substances.This is not surprising, as when spraying chemicals fall to earth, sediments washed into the groundwater and from there get into bodies of water, and spray long linger in the air.Getting on the surface of plants, chemicals

are absorbed into the fabric and are not removed from them.These facts are of growing concern of people in all countries, because it is a direct threat to their health.

However, the reality is that the industrial mass cultivation of vegetables, fruits, cereals completely renounce chemical means of protection at this stage is not possible, so the work is carried out in the direction of finding the most benign chemicals that pose no danger to human health, as well asfor beneficial insects, birds, animals, and have the property of disintegrating in a short time under the influence of the sun, water and oxygen.But in its own small garden in a limited area of ​​the site it is possible and even necessary to exclude the application of crop protection chemicals.Most plants have enough natural resistance to diseases and pests defeat, and so the main task of the gardener is to strengthen these natural forces plants to restore the rich world of animals and plants in the garden of relationships and thus to control plant diseases and pests using natural resources and potential.

This new ecological trend in the world was named natural integrated protection plants, implying a combination of preventive and direct methods of protecting plants from pests and diseases.Integrated pest management includes an extensive set of measures preventing disease by strengthening the natural plant forces, the beneficial effects of many plant species at each other and protect them by creating a kind of symbiosis, the preparation and use of natural products from plants against pests and diseases, the use of beneficial insects, usemechanical pest control and more.

Speaking of integrated plant protection, we mean ioslyuchitelno natural ways to combat disease and pests are not discussing protection chemicals, from which it is strongly recommended to give at least a small area of ​​your site.After all, it is not necessary to issue record harvests or special commercial quality product in your garden, it is much more important that you grown fruits were environmentally friendly, healthy and useful.