Seed multiplication of Actinidia

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

Seeds of Actinidia are trudnoprorastaemym due morphophysiological deep rest.the embryo itself is large, but it does not start to grow until the seed has passed a series of biochemical changes.They occur only in certain conditions of humidity and at low positive temperature of about 0-5 ° C.As a result of the experiments it was picked up a certain temperature the preparation of seed for sowing - fractional method of stratification.

Freshly washed from the pulp of the berries first seeds stored in paper bags until November.Before stratification seeds are soaked in water for 4 days at room temperature, air, changing the water daily.Seeds are placed in a nylon fabric of the stocking, fold envelope.After 4 days of soaking seeds buried in clean washed sand in a box.Fractional stratification is carried out in three phases.

first period - the heat.Crate seeds is in the room with an air temperature 18-20 ° C for 2 months.Sand is constantly wet, drying it is not allowed.Once a week the parcel with the seeds remo

ved, unfolded and leave the seeds in the air for 5 minutes of airing.Then again, the seeds wrapped in a convolution and washed under running water, gently squeeze.He was again put in the sand.The sand in the box moisturize daily.

second period - cold.The box with the seeds wrapped in a cloth and buried deep under snow.A layer of compacted snow on the box at least 1 m. After 2 months, the box is transferred to the germination of seeds.

third - period - germination.Contribute a box from under the snow in a cool room at a temperature not more than 10-12 ° C.The sand in the box must always be wet.Once a week the seeds again 5 minutes aired, washed, buried in the sand.Usually after 3 weeks it starts cracking the seed mass.They begin to be afoot.There is a danger that germs can penetrate the nylon fabric and later killed.So with the start of mass cracking all the seeds sown immediately

sowing into prepared boxes.Start seed germination depends on the origin of the sample and the type of plant.It is important to be aware that failure to comply with temperature control at this time is to ensure that the seeds fall asleep and do not germinate.The reason - the introduction of a box with the seeds in a warm environment above 12 ° C.At the same time there are differences of stratification on the timing of the duration of seed germination in different samples of vines.

start sprouting matures them from 17 to 33 days after snegovaniya.

When the mass cracking seeds sown in sowing boxes.For better seedling soil mixture suitable with perlite in the ratio 1: 1.Seedlings of this embodiment had 57.6% survival of 2-3 true leaves after 2 weeks after sowing.They were superior to the other seedlings soil mixture by weight of 10 plants and the maximum length of the roots.

Adding to the sod peat soil and river sand led to a decrease in survival.On pure perlite seedlings survived well, but then because of the lack of nutrients in it gradually stopped growth.

In the phase of 2-3 true leaf seedlings are seated in planting boxes in a cold greenhouse or on ridges.Adding to the turf ground bone meal or potassium chloride led to a decrease in the survival rate in the spring of the year of planting, and after hibernation.Thus it decreased and the height of the seedlings in comparison with the soil without additives.

Adding potassium chloride is unacceptable for the actinides.