Mechanical methods of pest control

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Mechanical methods of controlling plant pests are very simple and include mechanical removal of pests from plant parts, making simple tools and compliance with simple measures to prevent wide spread of pests, but, taken in combination, these activities are able without significant expenditure of labor and means to protectplants.However, it should be noted that the mechanical control methods are effective only in a systematic, regular and timely use of the initial stage of destruction of plants.

fleecing pests from plants are well used in the initial stage of destruction of the plant.The most common pests are affected reverse side of leaves, young immature shoots, bark, root collar.Pests removed his hands from the plant and placed in a suitable container, and then destroy.Thus it is possible to fight the Colorado beetle, snails, slugs.On potato plants in small areas can collect Colorado beetles, larvae and egg laying in a jar of kerosene or strong concentrated salt solution, in which they will die.It

is necessary to examine the soil around plants for the presence of egg clutches, colonies of harmful insects and slugs and destroyed upon detection.

: - otryahivaniya effectively on large plants, this method is most often used in relation to fruit trees.Under the tree spread out a light cloth and gently shake the branches, so as not to damage them.Pests fall on the fabric, after which they are collected and destroyed.

Flushing with a strong jet of water it is advisable to deal with the colonies of aphids, however to apply this method of struggle can

1 Safety net prevents the penetration of butterflies and flies on the leaves of plants, where they usually lay their eggs.The grid is convenient because it does not interfere with the development of plants, water tight and air and inhibits the spread of pests

Cabbage "collar" can be easily made from cardboard or film.They are placed close to the stem planted plants.With cabbage collar "can be prevented from leaving

pest eggs at the base of the stem of cabbage

only strong plants that can withstand the water pressure.

a cleaning pests from plant stems should be carried out in the fall. Pests hide Often a plant barkor make it laying eggs should also scrape colonies of closely spaced small pests such as aphids from plant shoots

.. "-" an effective means of pest control is the use of special nets to protect plantings from flies and moths The beds covered with a grid, which makes the butterflies.and flies to reach the plants and lay their leaves eggs, which then will be leaf-eating larvae and caterpillars. on the other hand, the grid is well breathable and water retains heat and does not interfere with plant growth.

Cabbage "collar" are simple andreliable way to protect planting cabbage.They do not give harmful insects otklady-egg to show on the basis of stalk of cabbage - the most vulnerable to the pests of the plant.

-Poyasa traps put on the trunks of fruit trees.They are made of corrugated cardboard or wound in multiple layers hemp hemp.It is important that the voids inside estavalis ring, which may in zapollt pests.Belts traps neohodimo changed frequently, destroying harmful insects got there.Thus, you can quite successfully deal with apple _zetoedom.

Adhesive wear rings in October GUSTs-31 fruit trees closer to the base.

nor intended to obst-Goza wintering in the soil flightless female

darker moths lay eggs.Female telzet the trunk to make a clutch of eggs in

Glue ring,


and trap zone


on tree

fruit trees

to fight



eggs on

bark and under bark


tree bark and sticks to the ring and lays eggs under it.Spring rings must be removed and cleaned underneath tree bark, that there does not remain moth eggs.Low fences around planting cabbage, lettuce or leafy vegetables is an obstacle on the way of snails and slugs, and protects the delicate leaves of plants from the union Belts traps

From the point of view of protection of fruit trees against pests, and primarily on the codling mothand mites, the most effective overlay of trapping zones.On the big old trees zone trap is applied not only to the bole, but also in the thick skeletal branches.Where codling moth develops two generations, the belt is applied in mid-June, browsing every 7-10 days until the middle of August, that is at least 6-8 times per month 2.Since mid-August the belt left on the tree, and take off in late autumn, when ticks crowded into them.Belts made mostly of corrugated cardboard, cutting strips of width 20-25 cm across the groove.On board you can stick a layer of cotton or rags trunk should be ready to wrap a belt and tie it with string or wire.Every gardener can choose the most convenient belt design.It is convenient to have two sets of belts: one with nabivshimisya pests removed, the other immediately put, pre-clearing the bark of a tree in the place of attachment of the belt on the remaining tracks.


The trap belt climb is not only harmful but also beneficial insects, so we recommend that after removing the trap from the tree to shake it on a piece of paper and give all who are in it beneficial insects fly and crawl, and the sheet with the remaining caterpillars and mites collapse andbury or burn.

Low fences made of tin or plastic prevents the penetration of snails and slugs on a bed of leaf crops and cabbage

of.Slugs are usually hidden in the daytime and feed mostly at night, often remaining between the leaves of cabbage, so if they do not fall on a bed, the chances of damage to the plants they will be much less.You can lure a pest in a certain place, then where they will be easy to collect and destroy by means of food and vegetable baits.For the larvae of click beetles - beetles - a bait can be half the potatoes, beets, carrots, are buried in the soil at a depth of 5-15 cm at the rate of 1-2 pieces per 1 m2 and say this place is a twig.Wireworm attack the bait, after 3-4 days, and dig it all accumulated destroy pests.

Poisoned bait

known how much trouble delivering gardener pests such as mice, moles, honey prospecting.Effective in combating drugs may be plant-based, simple recipes are given below.

Aconite: rhizomes {triturated and added to a bait for mice and moles at the rate of 1/2 cup of root for 1 kg of food.

Colchicum autumnal: plant seeds grind and add to the bait for mice at the rate of '20 to 1 kg of food.

Sambucus nigra: due to the strong odor can be used in the fight against rodents.Young twigs and leaves are crushed, allowed to dry and grind into a powder mixed with powder food as a bait rate of 200 g of dry powder per 1 kg of food.

Crow ocular, rhizomes dry, pound and grind into a powder.G. powder 50 mixed with 1 kg of food or used as bait.

effective way to mislead, confuse and distract pests from the main crop plants are so-called distractions landing. to control the Colorado potato beetle may be the beginning of summer with intentional delay to make the heap of potato planting in the vicinity of the potato beds.When the main garden of greens coarse; Colorado beetles migrate to young delicious plant diversionary landing.You can come with slugs, laying between rows of cabbage, or nail them leafy vegetables individual leaves of cabbage or lettuce, which will be accessible to pests and distract them for yourself.

traps of various kinds are effective for controlling a variety of rodents, moles and ground-dwelling insects such as mole crickets.A peculiar trap for slugs and snails can be spread out on the ground between the plates of plants, a bunch of herbs, cabbage leaves where pests are collected on the day time then they can be easily assembled by simply turning the board or poking the grass and leaves.For catching mole crickets and their larvae in this way can be a small hole to lay the heaps of manure, in which will hide pests.Then take out a handful of holes and destroy the pests.

Film ring against mole crickets

known that cricket is digging its underground tunnels at a depth of 3-5 cm from the surface, and thus, in the zone of damage are tender roots of young plants.To protect them from mole crickets in the literal sense of the word, you can use the film rings.To do this, from a dense polyethylene film cut into strips 40 x 10 cm, roll them a ring and seal the ends overlap.This ring should be placed in the prepared hole for planting the plants in the center of the ring to land the plant, as usual.A ring of this size will not interfere with the widening of the root system and at the same time serve as an obstacle to the mole crickets, which on encountering an obstacle, it will pass, without damaging the plant roots.In the autumn when digging the ring is removed from the land.

To protect against damage slugs individual plants can be surrounded by a ring, scattering the dry mineral fertilizers, such as potassium salt, superphosphate, or slaked lime, lime, mixed with ash or tobacco dust.Slugs and snails can not overcome this border around the plant, as these substances are scorching their skin.

means of mechanical protection against pests may be metal mesh, that surrounds the winter tree trunks, basket, in that before planting put the tubers of plants and bulbs, to save them from the moles and mice, shrews, as well as all sorts of underground obstacles, granichivayuschie pests access to the plant roots.

deterrent against pests, such as rodents, may serve notorious bait and plants, the smell which annoys them.

: - deters moles means are turntables on poles stuck into the ground.Their -opasti rotated by the wind, causing the vibration of the pole, which is transmitted to the ground.Small tremors soil repels moles.

proven way to deter birds from the sediment of different cultures - ratchet, spinning on poles in the wind.They also can be made from shiny paper and with the wind gazvevayuscheysya fringe that will have an additional deterrent effect.

classic way deter birds are different kinds of stuffed vegetable . Fantasy in their manufacture does not know borders, some are real masterpieces, and even if the bird will not be afraid of our stuffed, it can become a good portion of the decoration.

protect from birds harvest the fruit on fruit trees to help special thin grid, that attack the tree crown and sealed the trunk, the birds could not fly up under the net.

simple method of combating pests inhabiting the earth are digging deep and permanent hoeing between the rows, thus destroyed, even occurring at different depths moves and burrows pests.For example, horizontal and socket mole crickets caves, located at a depth of 5-10 cm, can be broken only when digging.Therefore, in May and June, when the young roots of plants are particularly attractive to this pest, it is necessary to conduct regular deep tillage between the rows.

Destruction of weeds near the crops are attacked by pests, also plays an indirect role in the fight against certain types of pests.So, in the centers of the possible accumulation of beetles need to thoroughly destroy couch by all his perennial rootstock.Near cultures attractive to slugs and snails, you need to mow all the grass that creates a shadow, retains moisture and, therefore, serves as a haven for pests in the hottest time of the day.

Biological pest control

The basis of most biological methods is, firstly, the natural relationship of living beings in nature, to build relationships of predator and prey, and folding in this regard the natural balance of harmful and beneficial to the human body, waterSecondly, pest response to chemical or physical agents and stimuli, such as sound, light, hormones, hindering the development of pests and sex hormones - pheromones, allowing to regulate the activity of pests.

larvae, caterpillars, and due to their size can destroy them a lot.Birds need quiet conditions to build their nests and hatching, so the garden should be left free to overgrown shrubs that their depth between the branches the birds can feel safe.Suit also various bird houses and bird houses.In the winter on trees and shrubs such as mountain ash, chokeberry, cranberry, elderberry, it is necessary to leave the berries that the birds will be able to eat in the winter.Birds garden advocates and will thank you for the site put up bird feeders and drinking bowls for small birds.

definition of "useful" or "harmful" or that a living being is always taken out from the standpoint of human and focused on his interests.Sometimes the border is very shaky between them.The use of chemical remedies kills both harmful and beneficial organisms and prevents the establishment of the biological balance in the garden.