Appointment of the garden and the principles of its organization

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Garden is a limited closed space, where there is a house and grow plants, and from its owner depends entirely on whether the site will remain just a piece of land or become a microcosm of a harmonious, comfortable, functional and self-sufficient.Terms of creating such a microcosm largely depend on the tasks that provided in the area.It can be economic problems ensure family the fruits of agriculture and cultivation of livestock and poultry, aesthetic, hygiene, social and utilitarian task of creating a beautiful, well-maintained and moderately functional space around them.Simply put, people equip their land in accordance with their needs, interests, style and way of life, as well as a certain level of wealth.

economic functions garden involves primarily the use of its space for the cultivation of most of vegetables, fruits, berries, and possibly breeding of domestic animals and birds, with a maximum use of the entire living space.

However, a harmonious world of garden can be created only in the

unity of aesthetics and functionality, which provides a combination, interdependence and complementarity of all the tasks entrusted to the garden.Creating harmony is the basic principle of solving the garden area and makes the understanding of the garden design process as a whole.The main objective of the space and design of the site decision is to create a harmonious combination of aesthetic and useful features of the garden so that the aesthetic appearance supported economic or other functional buildings, plants, facilities and territories as a whole.

utilitarian and hygienic function garden is manifested in its residential function and external aesthetics.To do this, on the territory of the site is very important to create a sense of intimacy, security, fenced off from the external space with its problems and troubles from which can occur invasion of garden space.Fenced off in this case involves not only physical and spatial isolation with the help of the fence, but also emotional security, which creates an atmosphere of rest in a harmonious and beautiful space, arranged according to your taste.It is important to find the optimal combination of these features to create a harmonious garden.

All elements of the garden, since features of the site topography and the type of buildings and ending with the selection of plants, must be combined with each other to fit into the surrounding space and create a unified stylistic plan.For example, luxury parterre flowerbeds and statues will look ridiculous next to a small panel house or an old hut, and a similar dissonance kill all the beauty of the space.It should be remembered that any plant, structure, design elements and features of the shape or area of ​​the landscape in its good, you only need to help them fit into the surrounding picture by their skilful selection and combination.It is this process of selecting and combining individual elements and is called creating a certain style. To create a site-specific design style is definitely influenced by its size, location and features of the material side of the problem, and yet always possible to find a reasonable compromise, because each style is original and attractive in its own way.Art created in the side garden of the composite space has a strong aesthetic impact on the state of mind, mood and ultimately the health and physical condition of the person, so in any case should not be neglected beauty of the garden.

If you got a lot from the old, but quite picturesque hut, do not rush to make plans for its demolition and the construction in its place a new stone house.Try to look at it this way: you have a great chance to create a cozy area in pastoral or rustic style, and the basis of the composition in the form of an old house you already have.Hut can be mended and patched, front of house break with lawn grasses, have a porch with wide stairs and cozy plank terrace for evening tea.A short distance away you can put a simple timbered gazebo and uvit its ivy and wild roses, to build a log cabin well and pave the area around the cobblestone.In the background, try to put Curtain viburnum, mountain ash, wild rose, and next to the house to break garden with colorful simple flowers, surrounded by a low picket fence.Get a charming area which attracts with its clean touching beauty.

art garden design is to tastefully and thoughtfully delineate its space, making the garden area the source of positive emotions and aesthetic impressions.Have yourself well chosen proportions garden can be a source of beauty.