Some design principles

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

When solving spatial composition of the garden, regardless of its purpose, it is necessary to take into account a number of general rules and principles of design.

First of all it is necessary to outline the very territory of the garden, to outline its boundaries in space.This is the first step in creating a garden space for the design that you take.The main role in this is played by various types of fences, hedges, trees and shrubs in the border area.

garden to share with you the fun and grief.The artist of color to find help, he was comforted sadness of one who love gloomy il., So give the word, mission and inspiration, Sage in his shadow finds repose ...

garden space is largely determined by the ratio of free space and a height-limiting elements.Therefore, should not be to enclose a small area of ​​high impenetrable fence or hedge, it is from this will seem even more compressed.

For the same reason, do not make out the border of a small portion of tall trees, since the proximity of high buildin

gs will emphasize its small size.Garden is able to exert a calming effect on the human soul, so you must create it in an atmosphere of isolation and intimacy, however, should not create a closed space blind.

art equipment and decoration of gardens and parks has always been a concern, and reached its heyday in the XVII-HUNG Europe.The famous French writer ZhakDenil devoted to this theme a vast poem, which he called "Gardens". This outstanding literary work was the result of a long journey Delisle in the gardens, castles, estates France.The poem was published in 1782 and was a huge success not only in France but also in other European countries and even in Russia.Principles of design of gardens laid Delisle, are classic and have not lost their importance in our days.

Learn to plant gardens - a useful, necessary way.Need - to learn to love them that's the point!

Jacques Detail, "Gardens"

: - Garden The prospect must be possibility of plastic, the foreground is recommended to use plant construction or other design element that can emphasize the characteristics of the vertical space.The lower part of the prospects to be quiet in terms of texture and color solutions are best suited for this turf lawn or in combination with floral design .: - a huge role in the design of the garden space plays a principle of illusion.Illusory impressions reinforce the impact of real objects, hide undesirable traits, distort the perception of space.With skillful use of illusion principle can visually push the boundaries of space and, therefore, make it bigger and more spacious.For example, decorate the fence climbing plants or hiding it behind a bush, can create the impression of unlimited space of nothing, to neutralize its borders.This is a good solution to the spatial end of the garden.& Gt;Camouflage or other plantings - BrAZ fence blends with the surrounding landscape and garden area gbosoblennaya perceived as part of a large common space.Garden as though dissolved in the surrounding open space.

need to create a visual relationship of the house on a plot with garden greens, this can be planted certain trees and

bushes in the immediate vicinity of the house or create a tiered planting of plants, in which the low tiers will come directly to the walls of the house, moving from the higher.

In the garden, you can create the illusion of homogeneity, indivisibility and buildings merge with the green mass of plants with the help of climbing plants, which are used for landscaping walls buildings, entwine them, and make part of the greenery.

Color plays an important role in the perception of space, for example, the bright hues are pushing the boundaries of space, making it optically more dark, on the contrary, closer perspective, visually reduce the space.

main elements that determine the composition of the garden, is a strict order, regularity, repetition of individual elements, which creates harmony.Repeat can form defined height, the sequence and the interval between the elements, color, texture, shadow, separate elements, such as plants, stones, lawn color patches and so on., As well as combinations of these elements.However, too frequent repetition can create a sense of monotony and predictability.There

means the borders of your garden free.Where we see the end - there is no place for hope, and what pleased and delighted before, suddenly bored and annoyed us, Kohl rests in the dead eye wall.Removing il just hiding the fence, we will add more charm of the garden.

Those places in the area where converge multiple lines, for example, cross paths, borders of flower beds and lawns, the outlines of planting, paths are moving in the area, need special emphasis and design, otherwise the heap lines can cause a feeling of chaos.In these places, it is recommended to plant ornamental plants, put a large stone, put the flower or object a sculpture garden.

important principle of spatial solutions in gardens is to create a balance of the right and left parts of the composition, which should be equivalent to the attention and opinion are not diverted from the overall composition of one of the parties.Therefore, planting large shrubs and trees from the building or the entrance to the site should be symmetrical, so as not to disturb the composition.This also applies to uniform placement on the site of any spatial objects, elements of small garden architecture."The compositional center of the created space usually becomes the most expressive part that is called dominant.Dominant organizes itself around the whole composition, being its space center and a point of reference.Dominant may be located directly in the plot borders and outside them.For example, the dominant can be a big tree in a field near the site.But often when you make a garden space to create a dominant site, it could be a tree, shrub curtain wall, arch with vines, high bed, a large plant with unusual foliage color, the object is a small garden architecture, etc.The composition should contain only one dominant importance for other objects should not compete with it, otherwise the integrity of the composition is ruined.

Attention! is important to remember that the dominant should be commensurate with the space to make out, otherwise it will create a composition to suppress.

pereinachit all contrary to reason, Unsuitable Connect pieces - Though all individually created and skillfully - Know is a whole absurd and tasteless.

ZhakDedil, "Gardens"

«Do not overload the song details, especially in a small space area, it clutters panorama deprives harmony composition and eliminates the perception of each of the objects.The main criterion for the creation of the garden of the composition is a recruitment and placement of parts and design objects for which they did not get lost, do not block each other, but rather complement and enhance.

important not only correctly identify the dominant composition and place objects relative to it on the site, but also skillfully choose a place with the best view on the site, to place there a gazebo, a place to relax or simply to put the bench.Garden Street should be opened in front, have a certain center, compositional details and background on the background.To highlight the point, which offers an overview of the most successful, front panorama plan should be a little narrow planting trees or shrubs, then limited view panoramas can be issued pergola or bench.

on small garden plots view is very limited, so the central part of the yard should be sufficiently open to the public.

«-Objects undesirable to attract attention on the crushing section and compositional unity of space, followed by" suppressing ".Such objects may be necessary, but it looks unattractive structure, compost pit, etc.They can hide and do neutral composition using climbing plants or planted in front of them bushes, trees, tall flowers, blocking the view of these objects.

How many, trying to show off before all, the original hit neighbors, hurry to buy and then hoist the structure of all countries and all peoples of the world, only create chaos.How foolish it is!It is impossible in a small space garden,

in a narrow frame all at once place - arbors, grottos, castles ...

ZhakDelil, "Gardens"

«Taking the decision to organize the garden space and the creation of a particular composition, it is necessary to take into account the size of the siteand especially its shape.Form mined space plays an important role in understanding the type of design.The narrow, elongated in the length of the sections is better to divide crosswise into small spaces using pergolas, espalier, decorative walls.Tracks in a garden need not be straight, running along the property line or at the center, it only reinforces the impression of length of the section.Tracks on a narrow section must be bent to change the direction that open visual perspective.

«If the site is located on a hillside and has a natural slope, planting should be placed so that they emphasized that terrain feature.House put usually in the upper part of the slope, so the view opens down, and should express its dynamics properly.To this end, large trees and shrubs placed closer to home, so they increased the proportion of vertical relief, low-growing shrubs placed in the front panorama plan.If the house is on the lower slope of the particle, tall trees and bushes are arranged in the upper part of the plot sparse and stunted leaves more kinds in the immediate vicinity of the house, making them fit tight enough.

«Simulation plot Space involves the creation of several autonomous spaces are harmoniously integrated into one common composite concept.The spaces can be clearly separated, and even to some extent isolated from each other by dividing large items such as curtains bushes, hedges dense, extensive and espalier trellis.On the other hand, the boundaries between different parts of the space may only be identified visually marked with small design elements placed at the border of adjacent spaces.The role of these elements can perform a large boulder, florist, garden vase, sculpture, beautiful snag, low shrub, flower group, etc.

Somewhere rise, the descent - and delights the eye landscape that has repeatedly changed along the way.

Vast areas should be divided into large areas, small space - on the small.The role of the elements, visually dividing the space of the garden, operate pergolas, arbors, trellises, and stone walls, planting Orlais taller plants, arch and so on."Some areas within the site must be different in size, it relieves tension in the organization of space and makes quiet variety.

any kind of garden is good too because it corresponds to the owner of his own way. But beware of carelessly placed near Elegance with simplicity and everydayness

with parade. Kohl appeal and freshness will be there;:. - Nature is itself in its place, and all the natural harmony of adapting ...

" garden composition can diversify and make more plastic, simulated different levels on the site.Level difference in itself differentiates the space, highlighting its independent area.Each of the levels has formed its own special presentation surface, the combination of which visually enhances and enlivens the total surface area.For an optical extension area of ​​the garden also serves a small hollow, flat scenic otkoy, raised above the general level of the ground, small stone walls that serve as the support of the slope.

When parts of the garden are at different levels, it allows a small area to create different in character

garden plots without disturbing the integrity of its composition.In addition, this fragmentation of the territory allows you to see the elements of the composition with different heights, which reinforces the impression produced by a garden.Repose in the area can be an ideal place to build rockeries, furrow suitable for pond creation, and connecting them to a flat surface can be divided into the lawn.Variation of different design surfaces creates a sense of naturalness and make your garden diversified model of the external world of nature at its best.

appearance of any garden depends on the taste and the possibilities of its owner.When creating your garden, beautifying and ennobling it, do not aspire to or imposed unattainable models, far more important to your garden was harmonious, you feel comfortable to work and relax in it, to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.Therefore, the most reasonable to rely on your taste, imagination and knowledge of the basic laws of design and build a harmonious space.

When we look at the garden, it seems to us a combination of lines, spots of color, different shapes, light and shadow.Sophisticated planning will help make this a harmonious blend and enhance the aesthetic impression of each of the factors separately.Artistic solution of natural garden space should be based on the perception of the garden as a whole.

site design Elements


fence or fence - more than a simple restriction of land.The fence your land - a multifunctional building.First of all, the fence portion of the total allocated space, conducts its border is separated from the neighboring areas.In addition, the fence isolates the area, preventing the penetration of unwanted animals and strangers site.But in addition to the role of stopper space fence has another decoration and psychological significance.Garden - a place where you can relax the soul, relax and get rid of the mental stress of everyday life.The secret lies in the fact that as a result of the effect of garden space is closed there is a feeling securely protected privacy.It creates the illusion that as a result of the garden borders the outside world is behind the fence.Because of these barriers, there is a sense vertical garden space.In appearance, color, density and height of the fence should be combined with the general decoration concept site, completing and complementing it, and fit into the environment of the site.

fence type depends on the design requirements of your personal taste, portion size (a small area can not build a solid massive fence), as well as your ability.The material for the various types of stone fences can serve, brick, wood, metal and wire mesh.

Walls Stone and brick walls - the most durable and long-lasting of all types of fences.The desired stability of the walls provides a concrete foundation.To pick up masonry material, which is combined with other structures.It can be brick, natural stone, cement small blocks, etc.Suitably, a height of the fence is in the range of 1.5-1.8 m. Foundation laying depth depends on the soil type, furthermore, its size must be such as to withstand the pressure wall.Sometimes it is necessary to strengthen the fence posts.Masonry mortar prepared consisting of 1 part cement and 1 part lime and 5 parts of sand.

Walling is quite expensive, but you can reduce the cost of construction of a few, if you run a brick wall and then oblitsevat more expensive building material.You can also use as a basis for the walls have a used building material.

Wooden fences Fences

much cheaper, more economical solid fences, also due to the small size of plots, they are much more common.Wooden fences are quite simple in design, practical and fit perfectly into the environment.With few exceptions, preferred blown, not smooth fences.