August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Hedges, especially amenable to formation, are living architectural form in the design of the garden, which serves as its decoration, and can act as a fence.

Hedges are valuable ecologically, since the plant foliage releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, reduces the largely unfavorable air pollution, serves as a natural filter and absorbs the dust, holding it on the leaves, it extinguishes the force of the wind and noise, acting as a noise--pogloschayuschego barrier creates a psychologically favorable tranquil green background around the site, which is very conducive to an atmosphere of relaxation and rest on the territory of the garden.Hedges fit perfectly into the environment and become a part and continuation, as well as create a natural backdrop for live plants on the site.We should not forget about the practical value of the hedge, which could become an impregnable barrier impenetrable to an outsider not only look, but also to penetrate to the site from the outside.Prickly hedges of plants with

thorns on its stems, make your home an impregnable fortress.Thus, the hedges are fully capable to replace the fence of any material around the site.Hedges are beautiful, practical, durable, and are suitable for separating the front part of the area from the street, and for fencing on all sides from the neighboring areas.In addition, the living wall of shrubs can serve as dividing elements of garden space, natural screens, block the unwanted parts of the garden devices, act as a low living fences of terraces and leisure areas.Depending on the plant selected to create a hedge, they are divided into formed and natural.Typical formed a hedge is a strict plan strip plantings, which must be trimmed regularly and give it shape.Natural, free-growing hedges usually composed of plants that can not be moldable haircut, often there are flowering plants, beautifully decorating the garden during flowering, or plants with ornamental foliage.The choice of form of the hedge depends on the size and site of the relief, the overall composite solutions and predilections of the owner.Hedges, regardless of the type of moldable need regular mowing or systematic pruning is an essential part of the care of plants.

usually hedges do combined, combining the fence of the plant gates and gate made of wood, metal or other material.Height hedges are divided into:

low, up to 50 cm;

average, up to 1 m;

high, up to 2 m.

low hedges and borders are also called are used for decorative purposes site design.Medium and high hedges are used to create the fence area, fencing off areas inside the garden.With their help, for example, you can decorate the farm buildings or make room for the rest of the common space area.