Transplanting adult trees

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Fruit Plants

In some cases, it is necessary to transplant mature fruit trees.

fundamental condition for successful transplantation is to preserve as much as possible intact the main roots and their branches, their protection from drying, skillful pruning, protection branch bark transplanted trees from drying out, ensuring the transplanted tree good fertile soil and care.

Saving intact root system reached the correct digging.When digging the trees at the age of 15 years recede from the trunk of 150 cm, up to 10 years - 125 cm, up to 8 years - 100 cm and dig in the ground around the tree at a specified distance so as to dig out a tree with a clod of earth.Digging with a clod of earth are good at on clay soils;when digging trees on sandy soils, the earth crumbles to the roots, so their use net moist moss mats and packing.

plant with a lump of land is raised out of the pit using planted thick boards, clod wrap with sacking it under moss,

edge matting knotted around the trunk.Practiced as paneling earth coma and root

s boards in the form of a truncated box, slightly conical shape.At recess the trees out of the pit used to hoist winch or crane.

transplant performed in both autumn and spring.Spring transplantation has an advantage in the sense that the tree is not exposed to risk of damage to winter frosts: trees, with good protection from the cold autumn planting survival rate is better.

When spring transplanting trees used advance preparation;previous autumn dig in roots of a tree in a coma and promorazhivayut clod watering with water at a temperature of 5 C. In the spring, before the thawing coma, transplant trees produce in pits prepared in the fall.

Fruit Trees under the age of 10 years are transplanted in the spring, as soon as the ground thaws.

To protect the bark of mature trees transplanted from dry trunk and main branches tied moss and during the summer it is constantly moistened.This harness is stored for the winter.

In the spring of transplanted mature trees produce pruning;branches pruned

on a two- or three-year wood;all unnecessary branching (intersecting branches, twisted, badly wounding, broken, going into the crown) and condensed with cut branches.

Transportation with a clod of the earth is made of trees in a horizontal position so that the clod of earth was turned on.Loading and unloading is carried out with the help of Moving the tree on the boards or using the mobile crane.

When planting a tree roots pour a good sod-humus soil.After planting a tree is attached to the wire braces (from the base of the skeletal branches) to three or more hard hammered stakes.Under the wire in contact with the barrel, enclose bark, thick cardboard, rags, straw, etc.

the winter trees spud the ground and surrounded by manure to protect the roots from freezing.