Creating hedges

August 12, 2017 17:52 | General Information About Plants

Hedges can be single row, double row and three-row. plants in two - and three-row hedges may be the same height or arranged stacked.When placing the longline stunted shrubs planted in the foreground against a background of higher shrubs.At the three-row structure of hedge plants can be placed in three tiers or benches (high, medium and low-growing), each of which will hide the ground floor of the number located behind it, which will give a special decorative fence.In addition, the combination of different volumes and colors of plants will create a series of scenic diversity and enhance the brilliance of the fence.Living fence can be quite impenetrable even for small animals, if the landing between the two rows of shrubs to pull the low number of metal mesh, reinforced by wooden stakes, or several rows of wire.When the shrubs will grow, they completely hide the grid, their branches vrastut in and intertwined with wire, making a series of invisible shield.By forming a hedge, when planting shrubs need to

strictly maintain straight lines, angles, areas, and rounding the required distance between the plants.It is a great temptation to accelerate the formation of a thick hedge just planted shrubs more dense, reducing the distance between them.But we should not do this, since developing, the plant will soon begin to interfere with each other, to create competition in the intake of nutrients and moisture, inhibit the growth of each other, because of the density of the plantations there shading will strongly become bare branches of bushes, will be formed bald spotsin the crown that will inevitably affect the appearance and qualitative-the hedges.The distance between plants at planting depends on the strength of growth, and the maximum height, which they attain:

for low shrubs distance between seedlings in the row is 20-30 cm;

for sredneroslye bushes - 40-50 cm;

for tall shrubs -. 70-80 cm

also for reducing the period of growth of the hedge, many tend to put more development of the plant.This should not be done for several reasons, in particular, large plants take root worse, a higher percentage of occurrence of gaps in the hedges, caused by loss of individual plants, in the end, these plants are more expensive than seedlings, twigs 30-40 cm high. It is therefore necessarypatience, care for the fence and wait for its development.